Engaging Title: “Jon Jones Teams Up with Raini Studios for Vice and Virtue® Brawler Game”

Jun 18, 2024

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Article Summary


Jon Jones, the UFC champion, is collaborating with Raini Studios to create a new brawler video game, Vice and Virtue®, featuring his MMA moves in a side-scrolling format.


Jon Jones, known as “Bones,” is stepping into the gaming world with his unique fighting skills translated into a gaming experience by Raini Studios. This venture marks a significant milestone as a reigning UFC champion delves into the realm of web3 gaming.

Main Points

The upcoming game, Vice and Virtue®, promises an immersive beat ’em up experience by combining Jon Jones’ athleticism and fighting techniques with modern motion capture technology. Mike Haller, Raini Studios’ gaming head, expresses confidence in creating a game that captures the essence of Jones’ combat prowess.

Mike Haller, with his background in classic wrestling and combat games, spearheads the creative direction of Vice and Virtue®, aiming to revive the beloved beat ’em up genre. The game is expected to blend the nostalgic appeal of classic titles with cutting-edge gaming technology such as Unreal 5.4.

While details about Vice and Virtue® are scarce, players can anticipate a challenging gameplay experience that requires strategic thinking rather than mere button-mashing, mirroring Jones’ approach to victories in the octagon.


Raini Studios, known for its digital trading success, is venturing into combat games with Vice and Virtue®, following their previous project Lucha Throwdown. With a release date set for early 2025, the collaboration between Jon Jones and Raini Studios signals an exciting new chapter for the gaming industry.