Engaging Title: “Penguiana: Revolutionizing Memecoins with Play-to-Earn Penguins”

Jun 18, 2024

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Penguiana: The Solana-Based Memecoin Making Waves


Penguiana ($PENGU) is a Solana-based memecoin with a unique penguin-themed play-to-earn concept. The upcoming release of their play-to-earn game and GUIANA NFTs is expected to drive significant growth.


Penguiana is making headlines in the crypto world with its innovative approach to combining memes and blockchain technology. The limited edition GUIANA NFTs will play a crucial role in the Penguiana game, offering holders the opportunity to earn tokens.

Main Points

GUIANA NFTs are limited to 1000 pieces, each minted for 50,000 $PENGU. 80% of the $PENGU used for minting will be burnt, while the remaining 20% will be allocated to the reward treasury for early players. The $PENGU token has a fixed supply of 100 million and has undergone independent audits.

Penguiana tokens can be traded on Raydium and purchased through platforms like Birdeye. The project has a strong community with over 10,000 Twitter followers and active Telegram engagement. The upcoming game trailer release and planned partnerships are anticipated to further enhance Penguiana’s value.


Penguiana stands out in the crowded memecoin market with its tangible utility and growing community support. The project’s commitment to transparency and upcoming developments make it an intriguing investment opportunity for both gamers and crypto enthusiasts.