Engaging Title: “PEPE Whale Movement Sparks Bullish Rally Speculations”

Jun 25, 2024

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Article Summary

The Crypto Market Witnessed a Significant PEPE Whale Movement Surpassing 1 Trillion Tokens in the Last 24 Hours

Recent whale movements in the PEPE memecoin market have sparked speculations of a bullish rally, with notable increases in daily trading volume and significant token transfers to exchanges.


Pepe (PEPE), a frog-themed memecoin, experienced a surge in its trading volume by 75% in the past 24 hours, accompanied by large whale movements indicating potential market shifts.

Main Points

The whale account ‘0x837’ moved 700 billion PEPE tokens worth $7.85 million to Binance, holding a total of 1.4 trillion tokens valued at $16.60 million. This whale also possesses Ethereum-based tokens worth around $32 million, with PEPE holdings ranking highest in their portfolio.

Pepe saw another significant whale movement on June 18, with 1.15 trillion tokens transferred to Binance, fueling expectations of a bullish rally. Currently trading at $0.00001167, Pepe is showing signs of price recovery after a recent bearish performance, with potential resistance at $0.00001226 in a bullish scenario and support at $0.00001079 if bears dominate the market.


Market analysts predict upward price movements for Pepe in the future, with a projected bullish price of $0.00004965 by 2024. The recent whale activity in the PEPE market has instilled optimism for a potential second bullish rally, amid ongoing developments in the cryptocurrency landscape.