Engaging Title: “Revolutionizing Futures Trading: HashKey Global Sets New Standard”

Jun 19, 2024

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HashKey Global Announces Launch of Futures Trading


HashKey Global has obtained regulatory approval to launch its futures trading platform, supporting BTC and ETH with up to 10x leverage. The exchange introduces a limited-time futures trading campaign and a “100% Invitation Rebate on Futures” event to incentivize participation and reward users.


HashKey Global, a licensed digital asset exchange, is set to officially launch its futures trading platform. The exchange strives to provide a secure and user-friendly trading experience, positioning itself as a pioneer in the licensed futures market with a focus on BTC and ETH trading.

Main Points:

Futures trading in the crypto market faces challenges like platforms trading against customers and abusive practices, leading to consumer losses. HashKey Global, regulated by the Bermuda Monetary Authority, emphasizes the separation of customer assets and data to mitigate risks. The exchange does not engage in counterparty trading, enhancing transparency and security.


HashKey Global’s futures trading campaign offers participants the opportunity to earn HSK rewards through liquidity mining activities and a 100% Invitation Rebate. With a strategic launch date and competitive rewards program, HashKey Global aims to provide a cutting-edge futures trading experience, reshaping the market landscape and setting a benchmark in the realm of licensed futures trading.