Engaging Title: “Rise of Whales and Recovery: CRV Price Surges 12% Post-Liquidation”

Jun 19, 2024

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Whales Accumulate 55.26M CRV Post-Liquidation


The recent liquidation event involving Curve Finance’s founder, Michael Egorov, led to a recovery in the CRV token price. Despite facing liquidation, Egorov still holds a significant amount of CRV while six whales accumulated 55.26 million CRV post-liquidation, driving up the price by 12%.


Following a major liquidation crisis that impacted CRV token prices, Michael Egorov’s remaining CRV assets are secure, with no immediate risk of liquidation. The market has witnessed a turnaround as whales have invested heavily in CRV, contributing to a significant price increase.

Main Points

  • Egorov faced liquidation as CRV plummeted, leading to widespread liquidations.
  • Egorov still holds 39.35 million CRV, securing stablecoins on a lending platform.
  • Six whales accumulated 55.26 million CRV post-liquidation, with five being first-time accumulators.
  • The influx of new investors has driven a 12% price increase in CRV over 24 hours, nearly returning to pre-liquidation levels.


Despite the challenges Egorov faced, the recovery in the CRV token price showcases resilience in the market. The surge in first-time CRV purchases and the positive market response indicate potential stability and growth for Curve Finance in the DeFi space.