Engaging Title: “Solciety: Revolutionizing Crypto Politics with Memes and Satire”

Jun 18, 2024

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Solciety: Fusing Memes with Political Satire


Solciety, a new player in the crypto PolitiFi sector, launches its Solciety (SLCTY) tokens with a 30-day presale. The project aims to leverage memes and political satire to engage crypto communities worldwide.


Solciety initiates its launch on June 18th with a presale offering of 3 billion SLCTY tokens. Positioned at the intersection of the Solana meme coin and PolitiFi sectors, the project targets humor and degen politics enthusiasts, reflecting current trends in the crypto space.

Main Points

  • Solciety introduces SLCTY tokens starting at $0.0015, with price increases every 72 hours during the presale.
  • The project focuses on meme-driven comedy and satire to provide a unique political party experience for degens.
  • Key components include a meme campaigner tool for creating viral Solciety-themed memes and allocating tokens for marketing and rewards.
  • The PolitiFi sector, particularly US politics-themed meme coins, has seen significant growth, with opportunities for high returns and engagement.


Solciety’s strategic entry into the PolitiFi market aligns with the current crypto narrative, offering a blend of humor, political engagement, and potential gains for investors. With a focus on meme culture and community-driven content, Solciety aims to capitalize on the growing interest in meme coins and political satire.