Engaging Title: “Unlocking Solana’s Trading Potential with Bitget Wallet’s Smart Money Feature”

Jun 17, 2024

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Bitget Wallet Introduces “Smart Money” Feature for Solana


Bitget Wallet unveils the “Smart Money” feature for Solana within Bitget Swap, enhancing asset discovery and trading opportunities for users.


Bitget Wallet introduces the “Smart Money” feature within Bitget Swap, providing users with real-time analysis of over 100,000 “Smart Money” addresses to improve trading strategies and discover asset opportunities.

Main Points

Bitget Wallet’s COO, Alvin Kan, highlights the demand for enhanced trading capabilities on Solana due to the rise of Meme coins. Solana’s growth in the DePIN sector and meme coins’ popularity contribute to its TVL surpassing $5 billion, making it a preferred platform for DApps.

Bitget Wallet deeply integrates with Solana, offering extensive support for managing assets, interacting with protocols, and enabling same-chain and cross-chain transactions through Bitget Swap. The platform provides advanced trading features and a seamless user experience for Solana users.

The recent launch of the BWB token on Bitget Wallet’s launchpad led to a 23% increase in daily active users in the MENA region. The introduction of the Smart Money feature further enhances the trading experience and community engagement within Bitget Wallet.


Bitget Wallet, Asia’s largest Web3 wallet with over 20 million users worldwide, continues to innovate and provide advanced tools for asset management, trading, and interaction with various blockchains. Through the Smart Money feature and extensive support for Solana, Bitget Wallet aims to enhance user experiences and drive engagement within the Web3 community.