Engaging Title: Unveiling ETHSofia: Revolutionizing Blockchain at Sofia Tech Park

Jun 20, 2024

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ETHSofia Conference and Hackathon


The inaugural ETHSofia conference and hackathon is set to take place at Sofia Tech Park on October 17-19, attracting industry experts and enthusiasts to drive the evolution of the Ethereum ecosystem.


ETHSofia aims to explore various aspects of the blockchain landscape while showcasing Bulgaria’s development talent. The event features a conference with visionary speakers and a three-day programming competition with a prize pool of $10K.

Main Points

ETHSofia secured sponsorships from Ethereum Foundation and Lido for its efforts in establishing Bulgaria’s first comprehensive crypto event. Industry leaders like Chainlink, ICP, Fetch.ai, and others have pledged support for the hackathon. The event also focuses on enhancing crypto education with partnerships from UNWE and SoftUni.


With a lineup of prominent speakers and opportunities for networking and learning, ETHSofia promises to be a valuable event for those interested in blockchain and cryptocurrency. Early Bird tickets are available until June, and attendees can stay updated through the event’s social media channels and newsletter.


This HTML markup summarizes the inaugural ETHSofia conference and hackathon, highlighting its purpose, key points, and what attendees can expect from the event. The article emphasizes the support and contributions from industry leaders, the focus on crypto education, and the lineup of notable speakers. Attendees are encouraged to secure Early Bird tickets and stay updated through ETHSofia’s social media channels for the latest event updates.