Engaging Title: “Unveiling the Billion-Dollar Bitcoin ETF Withdrawal Frenzy”

Jun 25, 2024

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Bitcoin ETF Withdrawals Exceed $1 Billion


Withdrawals from spot Bitcoin ETFs have surpassed $1 billion in the last 10 days, with major outflows seen in the US market contributing to this decline.


No Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) has seen any inflow on Monday, June 24, with significant withdrawals recorded across various ETFs, totaling $174.5 million.

Main Points

Withdrawals from spot Bitcoin ETFs have exceeded $1 billion in the past 10 days, with Grayscale Bitcoin ETF GBTC experiencing the highest withdrawals of $90.4 million on Monday. Fidelity’s FBTC also faced outflows of $35 million, indicating a trend of declining institutional interest in Bitcoin.

While BlackRock’s IBIT remains unaffected by withdrawals, other Bitcoin ETFs have reported steady outflows since mid-June, reflecting a general decrease in investor confidence. The recent sell-off highlights a diminishing enthusiasm for spot Bitcoin ETFs’ introduction amidst market unpredictability.


The decline in Bitcoin exchange-traded funds and the significant outflows signal a concerning trend for investors, indicating a potential erosion of confidence in the asset. With withdrawals amounting to $630 million last week alone, the future of Bitcoin ETFs remains uncertain in the face of market volatility.