Enhancing Tax Processing Efficiency with Terra Luna Classic’s Tax2Gas Integration

Jun 19, 2024

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Tax2Gas Implementation Approved by Terra Luna Classic Community


The Terra Luna Classic community has approved the proposal to integrate Tax2Gas, simplifying tax processing for dApp developers and others. The approval garnered 74.91% “Yes” votes and 25.03% “Abstain” votes.


The Terra Luna Classic community has given the green light to the integration of Tax2Gas, a system that combines taxes with gas to streamline processes for dApp developers and other users. The proposal was put forth by StrathCole and Genuine Labs.

Main Points

As the launch of Tax2Gas nears, discussions within the Terra Classic community involve the possibility of increasing the burn tax to 1.2%. This move is expected to impact cryptocurrency exchanges, leading to purchase and sell burn that may influence the price of LUNC. In a recent governance vote on Station Wallet, Proposal 12115 for the implementation of Tax2Gas by Genuine Labs was approved. The focus is on integrating tax into gas and enhancing chain security through attack vector prevention.


Despite the majority approval for the Tax2Gas implementation, including its benefits of simplifying tax computation and enhancing security, some community members expressed reservations. The need for thorough discussions and considerations, highlighted by validators like Allnodes, emphasizes the importance of community engagement in such developments. The Tax2Gas concept is hailed for its potential to address manual computation issues and streamline processes, although challenges like migration for audited dApps remain.