Enjoy A Drink And Some Good Conversation in “The Sheriff of Babylon” #5 (Review)

Apr 10, 2016


SHRFBAB-Cv5-acdefThe Sheriff of Babylon #5
Vertigo Comics

Written by: Tom King
Art by: Mitch Gerads

In issue five of The Sheriff of Babylon Nassir’s snoring wakes up Christopher, so he goes outside to find Fatima smoking. The two bond a bit and Chris finds them two bottles of vodka. Deciding to go drink in a pool area, said to have been Saddam’s, our two characters have an important moment to bond. The pair discusses their 9/11 experiences, cats, smart bombs, and morality before heading back. It’s a really lighthearted issue compared to the content of the last couple, but its an important one.

Normally I like to start with talking about the writing, so I felt a need for a switch, so let’s talk about the art first. Mitch Gerads I love everything you do. The guy has real talent and it shines through in every issue. Throughout, small lines are used to show movement and direction which really paints a vivid, moving, picture in my mind. Tom King continues to write stories that make me think. His dialogue is natural and easy to follow without question. This issue give the reader enough to think about to stay interested but flowed into a really seamless read. Making it thoughtful but not overly denseSHRFBAB-5-3-876de and cumbersome.

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Something I’ve grown to appreciate recently is a comic that can make expand my point of view and stimulate my mind without making me feel like I missed something. Every month I get that in The Sheriff of Babylon along with a griping story and art that tantalizes the senses. I can’t think of anything in this series that I don’t like. Tom King and Mitch Gerads work incredibly well together. They’ve created a comic that I really think is a must read. I love it and I can’t wait to see what’ll happen next.

*Images Courtesy of CBR

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