Sep 8, 2021


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Eve # 5 Cover

When I first picked up this series I felt like I was following a child on a mission. Now after finishing the finale of this comic, written by Victor LaValle, I find myself realizing this is a story of the only real mission. In the beginning it felt I was reading a tale of a young woman on an adventure, one she was purposefully created and trained for. I now see what it required of her, of all of us, is so much more than that. The feeling I experienced after reading this final issue of Boom Studios series Eve was that this was a story of compassion.

Eve # 5

Boom Studios

Written by: Victor LaValle
Illustrated by: Jo Mi-Gyeong
Colored by: Brittany Peer
Lettered by: AndWorld Design

As Eve’s mission culminates she finds herself within a Vault designed by her mother. This structure was quite similar to the one from which she emerged. It seems her parents set out separate but synchronous paths for what was required of this young woman. Her father was instrumental in her mental and physical preparation for the journey. Her mother, meanwhile, set up the tools needed to complete her task.

Complicating Eve’s already complex mission was her former guardian Wexler’s attempt to thwart her. After the initial betray I felt like this issue would feature some epic showdown between Eve and Wexler. Neither one of them truly want that. Wexler merely see the mission as pointless. His view is that humanity failed already, Eve failed already. What is the point in continuing only to get back to this point or even worse. Eve, for her part, sees herself on the brink of something new. I was surprised yet satisfied with how their encounter culminated. If nothing else it served to reinforce the theme of the series.

Eve’s message to Wexler during their battle is one we should all take time to contemplate. Instead of thinking about what went wrong in the past maybe we can all consider what good we can do with what is to come.

Victor LaValle has crafted a comic that is fitting of a bedtime tale. The artwork from Jo Mi-Gyeong and Brittany Peer works brilliantly when viewed this way. Each image, from the Vault emerging from beneath the sea to Wexler’s fate, help capture the truly inspiring nature of this story. Witnessing Eve interact with her parents you can’t overlook how overjoyed she is for this moment, even though the conversations take place virtually.

One of the hardest things for a parent is to help their child come to grips with adult situations. Ultimately I feel that was Eve’s true purpose, as well as our children’s burden. To make up for our mistakes. Let the mission begin.

Score: 9.1

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