everVision 2022 Annual Report

Jan 18, 2023

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everVision 2022 Annual Report

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The year 2022 has just ended and it has been a productive year for the everVision team. Let us review what everVision has done in the past year! everVision: Redefining ourselves After two years of development, we realized that everFinance is not just a financial infrastructure team, we can actually do more. From everPay, the […]

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The year 2022 has just ended and it has been a productive year for the everVision team. Let us review what everVision has done in the past year!

everVision: Redefining ourselves

After two years of development, we realized that everFinance is not just a financial infrastructure team, we can actually do more. From everPay, the real-time payment protocol, to Permaswap, the cross-chain real-time DEX network, to Web3Infra, the open source development toolkit, and to PermaDAO, the DAO co-built by Arweave. We have seen our own direction — an infrastructure team that provides a series of solutions for the industry and for Web3.

So in 2022, we continued to set out after redefining our vision, goals and ourselves.

everVision: To bring at least 1 billion people into the Web3 world.

everPay: 12 NFT auctions

At the beginning of 2022, we started the NFT auction, and we held a total of 12 NFT auctions throughout the year, 6 of which were cooperated with digital artists and the other 6 with communities such as ArDrive, Conflux, Akord, decent.land, Pianity and Breaking Panda or jointly organized by project parties. One of the NFTs launched in conjunction with Akord and Pianity was an atomic NFT cast on Arweave.

These NFTs are the entry tickets to the Permaswap’s pioneer phase (phase 1) to provide liquidity. If you missed the previous auction, check out the Permaswap Certified NFT page to see which NFT you like. Through the auction, more users have experienced everPay’s silky smooth transfer experience and system performance without TPS limitations.

To view the NFTs, visit this page .

everPay: Surpassed 360,000 transfers

According to Moore’s Law, the number of transistors that can fit in an integrated circuit increases geometrically every 18 months, doubling the performance of a computer chip. The frequency of everPay being used to align with Moore’s Law.

In July 2022, we celebrated everPay’s transaction volume reaching 100,000; after just six months, everPay’s transaction volume has surpassed 360,000. This is the result of everPay being used or integrated by more and more users and project parties. How many more transactions will everPay make next year? 5,000,000? 10,000,000?

Permaswap: 3 Important milestones

This has been a very productive year for Permaswap . During this period, there were two testnet events and the launch of the BETA version.

The first testnet is mainly used to gather feedback from the community. 4,513 community members have participated in the test, and the overall satisfaction rate for the product in the feedback form was as high as 99.7%.

The second testnet is mainly used to stress test Permaswap. Enthusiastic users also built bots for better stress testing performance, and during this test period, the total transaction volume exceeded $5 million.

After successfully completing both tests, the BETA version of Permaswap was officially launched to welcome everyone to experience the real-time exchange service on Permaswap. Permaswap will then bring valuable liquidity to the Arweave ecosystem, allowing anyone to trade assets from different public chains in one place.

Web3Infra: Common usage of Arseeding

Arseeding, developed by everVision as the Arweave light node gateway, provides developers with an easy-to-use decentralized storage service that lowers the development barriers for developers, allowing developers to use the web2 development model to develop web3 applications.

Arseeding not only supports data upload and download but also integrates with everPay for fee payment. Since going open source in July, 99 addresses have uploaded data to Arweave via Arseeding, with a total of 265,967 uploaded data, and multiple partners using Arseeding, such as 4EVERLAND, ReadON, ECHO, EthSign, Metaforo, Relation, etc.

We are excited to see that more and more developers are using Arseeding to build the Arweave ecosystem together .

Hackathon: 13 Interesting projects

In 2022, we held our first hackathon using Arseeding as a development tool, the main purpose of which is to encourage excellent products and front-end developers to build web3 product applications.

In the end, 13 projects were shortlisted as finalists, from which four projects won. The total prize pool was over $30,000, and was sponsored by Arweave Org, everVision, Foresight Ventures, Mask, Platon, Conflux, and others. In addition to the prize money, follow-up funding and technical support will be provided to the finalists through incubators PermaDAO Incubation and Arweave SCP Ventures.

For more details, please see:

The possibility of building Dapps on top of arweave — a deep dive into Web3Infra Hackathon winners

PermaDAO: 2,134 AR’s Incentives

PermaDAO has been in operation since June 2022. In more than half a year, we have managed to verify the efficient online collaboration of the DAO organisation. To date, we have translated 152 articles from the ecosystem, received 135 contributions, organized 54 events, and announced 402 tasks. In the six months that we have been working together, we have awarded 2,134 ARs in return for their contributions. In addition, the 69 volunteers have produced 5 original product technical documents and 4 development projects, including Arseeding light node service, Web3infra demo productization, notion2arweave uploading notion content to Arweave, and a graphical usage tool based on Arweave version 2.6.

PermaDAO allows community members who enjoy the Arweave ecosystem to become like-minded friends, learn together, make progress together and also reap the rewards of their efforts while building together. Hence, it is definitely a DAO worth joining!

48 Arweave ecosystem weekly reports now in Chinese

Arweave needs more attention and developer education before it can be adopted on a large scale. When the general public sees that Arweave solves problems that other public chains cannot, they will start looking into Arweave. PermaDAO has been working to spread information about the Arweave ecosystem so that more people can learn about Arweave in a more straightforward and a more systematic way.

In 2022, we translated 48 issues of the Arweave News’s weekly reports. We hope that more people who are interested in the ecosystem can learn about the latest developments and hot spots of Arweave from the weekly reports. In addition to the weekly reports, PermaDAO also organised the translation of 152 ecological articles, from English to Chinese, so that more Chinese-speaking users can be exposed to ecological information, and from Chinese to English, for ecology to hear the voices of Chinese-speaking users.

Arweave in Asia 2022 The first gathering for the ecosystem

“Arweave in Asia 2022”, jointly organized by Arweave.org  and everVision, was held on 27 September in Singapore. It was the first gathering of the core ecosystem of Arweave, the permanent storage public chain, where 14 leading ecological project parties gathered together in Singapore’s 200-year-old Parliament Hall to discuss the infinite possibilities of a new paradigm of data consensus based on permanent storage in the future.

Sam Williams, founder of Arweave, announced an upgrade to Arweave 2.6 and that the Digital History Association would be providing research and development services to facilitate the mass adoption of Arweave. At the conference everFinance was also officially changed to everVision, focusing on providing infrastructure for Web3.

More eco-partners

Throughout the year, everVision has focused on its own development while establishing partnerships with a growing number of projects. The prosperity of the Arweave ecosystem needs everyone to build at Arweave together.

As of 2022, everPay has integrated 6 public chains to bring more assets from the network into the Arweave ecosystem, established partnerships with 27 project parties to build Web3, with PermaDAO and 9 other cooperative DAO organizations jointly spreading Arweave knowledge. The partnership with Asia Digital Bank will open a new chapter for Arweave as the underlying settlement infrastructure for financial institutions.

The development of any industry needs a group of passionate, imaginative and creative people to advance together, and we are delighted that everVison will be able to explore this with you.


This year has been a year full of turmoil in the blockchain industry, with tall buildings rising from the ground and collapsing seemingly in an instant. During the process, everVision is constantly thinking about what changes we can bring to the industry. everPay, Permaswap, Web3Infra and PermaDAO are our solutions to the existing problems.

It is our vision to adopt a new Storage Consensus Paradigm (SCP) to support one billion users entering the Web3 network. We will continue to explore this path and hope to become better with everyone in 2023 .

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