Everyone’s a Prisoner of Something in Dead Inside #2 REVIEW

Jan 24, 2017

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deadinsidecoverDead Inside #2
Dark Horse Comics

Written by: John Arcudi
Art by: Toni Fejzula
Colors by: Andre May

The mystery deepens as Detective Caruso confronts the warden with the latest evidence in the murder of inmate McCoyne. What started as a simple investigation has led down an interesting and unfortunate path for the detective. As Caruso exerts her authority in her search for the truth, she begins to rifle the feathers of everyone from the warden to her own commanding officer. Caruso and her team begin to dig deeper into the mystery plaguing the prison as the young detective is confronted with the ghosts of her past. What secrets will Detective Caruso uncover as she digs deeper into the underbelly of corruption and murder that are seeping into the walls of the prison?


With both the first issue and this one, John Arcudi is creating an interesting mystery that is a slow burn. Toni Fejzula’s artwork and Andre May’s colors give the reader a sense of the menacing, foreboding spaces within the prison and the sharp lines denote the harshness of the people in the story.

There is nothing soft either in the world or in the characters. The harsh tones of the art are a perfect fit to the noir elements of the storytelling. The story seems to be building to something interesting, but it could move a little faster in its pacing to keep me interested in reading the next issue.

Dead Inside is starting well. The mystery at the heart of the story is interesting and the artwork is on pace with the plotting. The plot itself moves a little too slowly in areas and there are moments that lay flat on the page, but it is an interesting story that I will continue to read.