EW Cover Emasculates ‘Black Panther’ While Trying To Promote The New Hero

Dec 2, 2015


Try to look a the recent EW cover promoting the release of Captain America: Civil War and see if you notice an odd commentary when it comes to their newest hero The Black Panther. The magazine with their headlines and quips are equating him to a household cat and a Real Housewife, which seems like an attempt to emasculate one of the most positive black superheroes ever created. In very poor taste, and I’d imagine fans aren’t very happy about it.

T’Challa is smarter than Tony Stark, and quicker than Captain America, a superior superhero to the leads also sharing the cover. However, they manage to fumble the ball relegating the character to terrible cat jokes.


There’s something to be said about comedy, but EW isn’t known for their satire or even great covers, so it’s not surprising they’d mess up in this fashion.


I mean this is pretty much the same recycled cover from Age of Ultron.

But, they do include some new shots of the hero and seeming confirm that T’Challa is indeed on the hunt for Bucky aka The Winter Soldier. The assumption being he’s been framed for the death of his father T’Chaka, the King of Wakanda, which had been teased by Heroic Hollywood months back.

Have you seen this:







My assumption being that another villain with a metal arm was the one behind it, cue Andy Serkis’ Ulysses Klaue who is known in the comics to have replaced an arm with a robotic one. Also, Klaue has beef with Wakanda that goes back to his grandfather, the branding scar isn’t the only reason he’d want to have T’Chaka killed. Many companies and countries want access to Wakanda’s minerals and technology, which has been blocked-off by the royal family for ages. This will likely lead into the solo film, which I’d hope would have some sort of alien threat which shows off Wakanda’s military strength.


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