EXCLUSIVE: Amazon’s ‘The Boys’ Audition Tape Leaks For Main Protagonist Hughie Campbell

Jan 15, 2018


Amazon Studios along with creators Seth Rogan & Evan Goldberg (Preacher) are hard at work preparing for their upcoming Gareth Ennis comic book adaption of The Boys. The series was conceived back in 2016 for Cinemax but Amazon Studios has since taken over production. Filming is expected to begin this spring but no cast has been announced yet.

Now we at Omega Underground have found several audition tapes for the upcoming series. The first tape shows actor Carey Feehan (Psych,The Christmas Cottage) auditioning for the role of Hughie Campbell the main protagonist of the series. Stay tuned as we release more…

the boys audition from Carey Feehan on Vimeo.

:: Scene 1 ::

Robin - “Excuse me, sir, I want you to schedule an appointment to come over and…lay some cable.”

Hughie - “Ha! Robin that doesn’t mean what you think it means.”

Robin - “Laying cable means sex?”

Hughie - “No! Laying pipe means sex. Laying cable means you want to come over to my house and take a shit.”

Robin - “Ew! That’s disgusting”

Hughie - “Haha you said it.”

Robin - “Ew gross. Ok, are you ready yet? Despite your best efforts, I’m still hungry.”

Hughie - “Yeah”

Robin - “Ok so you got her from ‘No thanks’ to four cameras?!”

Hughie - “What can I say? I’m a good fucking salesman.”

Robin - “…mhm”

Hughie - “Pft hey, I got you didn’t I?”

Robin - “Um barley. Speaking of Mr. Salesmen. Did you ask for the raise?”

Hughie - “Um yeah sure. Gary is totally supportive. He just said it’s kinda slow right now. Next year though for sure!”

Robin - “…ok”

Hughie - “What? You want to go over to his house and kick his ass?”

Robin - “I said ok?”

Hughie - “But that’s not what you meant. I see your face, come on. Let me hear it.”

Robin - “Ok you’re the best guy there. By a long shot. And Gary is totally taking advantage of you. So yeah you should get in there and fight for it.”

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Hughie - “Alright Jesus…I had no idea you needed a sugar daddy”

Robin - “Oh blow me. This is about you getting what you deserve. Hell, I’m killing myself at school because it’s gonna pay off for both of us. I mean if we are gonna move in together…”

Hughie - “…Woah Woah. What did you just say?”

Robin - “What? We can’t keep ‘laying pipe’ at your parent’s house?! I mean try to keep quiet starring up at that dumb Led Zepplin poster”

Hughie - “Woah Woah! Never besmirch the Zepplin poster.”


:: Scene 2 ::

Male - “So Butcher tells me he just met you? What a few days ago.

Hughie - “Uh sounds about right. I don’t know lost track of time”

Male - “Man talk about a baptism of fire”

Hughie - “You two seem pretty tight”

Male - “Two nuts in a ball sack. Only each nut wants to go its own separate way most of the time…..So Translucent? I mean how the fuck did you pull it off?”

Hughie - “Got lucky I guess”

Male - “Still. Must have been scary?”

Hughie - “Yeah it was.”

Male - “And the guilt. You took a mans life. I mean he was a motherfucker but still that shit weighs.”

Hughie - “…Nah. You know whats really fucked up though? In that moment when I did it. I felt so intense. So real. I felt…I don’t know. Kinda good.”

Male - “It’s written all over your face”

Hughie - “How do you figure?”

Male - “Well, I know how this job makes me feel. I saw how you looked. I mean that was stupid man! You know how anyone of those suit motherfuckers could have exploded your head with one punch right?”

Hughie - “Fuck man. I don’t know whats going on with me. I mean I was just that guy who froze up and hated any type of violence. I ate shit for it every day when I was a kid. But when I was in that moment holding that dead guy in my hand. I don’t know it doesn’t scare me anymore. The fact I pushed that button and killed that guy. The thrill that I was doing it. It was this intense high. I felt alive. God help me, man. I never felt a rush like that in my entire life.”

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:: Scene 3 ::

Hughie - “Hey Mom…”

Mom - “The way you hung up on us. We didn’t know what to think!”

Hughie - “No, I’m sorry I just. Mom….Mom!”

Mom - “What’s that doing out?”

Hughie - “I’m leaving town for a little while.”

Mom - “You mean like a vacation?”

Hughie - “Yeah! Sorta……Well no not like a vacation. I just need some time to think. Sort some things out.”

Mom - “Are you sure that’s a good idea?”

Hughie - “Thinking? Separates us from the chimps so generally…yeah”

Mom - “What I meant to say was getting back to your….Your Dad thinks getting back to your old routine is just what you need. Getting back to normal.”

Hughie - “I’m so done with normal. And fucking routines are for old people and toddlers. Things that wear diapers and drool.”

Mom - “Shame on you after your Father paid for your electronics degree from the Univeristy of Phoenix.”

Hughie - “That’s not what I…Dad doesn’t even wear a diaper….Wait he does?!”

Mom - “So…where are you gonna go? To think.”

Hughie - “I don’t know. I’ll let you know when I asses it all out.”

Mom - “Ever since you were a boy we were always so open with each other. Come on. Let me back in. Talk to me”

Hughie - “Mom stop! I’m moving out. I’m sorry I love you to death. But you don’t know me like you think you do. You never did. I should have done this a long time ago…”

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