EXCLUSIVE: Audition Tapes Leak For Agent 355 in ‘Y: The Last Man’ TV Series

May 5, 2018


After year’s in development hell the comic book series Y: The Last Man is going to television thanks to a pilot order from FX (via TV Line). The upcoming series is simply titled Y from comic book creator Brian K. Vaughan. It is about a mass extinction that leaves a man and his pet monkey as the only male mammals still alive on Earth. Together, they’re left to navigate a post-apocalyptic society run entirely by women. With development on FX’s iteration on the comic announced back in 2015.

Now we at Omega Underground have uncovered leaked audition tapes for the role of Agent 355. The role is being read by actress Ciera Foster (Ninjak vs the Valiant Universe, Red to Black). As Agent 355 speaks to two male thugs in a possible flashback.

Agent 355 - Excuse me we have to report an uh attempted Hit & Run.

Off Screen Thug - Come back when you are done. Bitch you trippin or just stupid.

Agent 355 - [Shows Badge] Neither.

Off Screen Thug - Oh fuck man fuck.

Agent 355 - You, sit. You make me chase you again I’m a  catch you. Then, I’m a beat yo ass like you stole something. Over there. Go. Like I said I’m  reporting a Hit & Run. I’m the hit. He’s the run.

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Off Screen Thug - How’d his face get that way?

Agent 355 - I caught him. You’re welcome.

Off Screen Thug - So you out here just trying to do a motherfuckers job?

Agent 355 - I just did it. How about some professional courtesy.

Off Screen Thug - Fill out the damn forms and wait your turn.

Agent 355 - What’s your name?

Off Screen Thug 2 - Darius.

Agent 355 - Your full name.

Off Screen Thug 2 - Man, you a cop for real?

Agent 355 - In a way.

Off Screen Thug 2 - Either you is or you ain’t.

Agent 355 - Look, what’s your last name Darius and don’t bullshit me. Cause I can smell shit about 100 paces off a mosquitoes ass. And I’m right next to you. You feel me? What’s your Government?

Off Screen Thug 2 - Smalls. Darius Smalls. It’s like Biggie…

Agent 355 - Ha! Nah, ya’ll ain’t related.

Off Screen Thug 2-Who did you know I was gonna say that? You up in my thoughts girl?

Agent 355 - Your dumb ass almost killed me. And your still trying to spit game. Yeah, see where that gets you.

Off Screen Thug 2 - Man, I didn’t even want to steal that whip. My boy keeps calling me a bitch ass pussy. Told me he is gonna run a train on my girl. What was I suppose to do? Why you even doing this bitch?! You not even a real cop!

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Agent 355 - Not everybody got a Mama’s house they can lay up and smoke weed in. Not everybody got a Mama. You know why? Because a bitch ass pussy got in  a car and ran her down. Nobody caught him. Nobody cared. Just like now. So it don’t matter where I been or where I’m going or what I did to get here. How many days I didn’t know when I was going to eat, where I was going to sleep at night. All my mistakes, yeah nigga. I was you. Bored. Pissed off. And trapped. I did stupid shit just to feel anything. I broke myself, put myself back together, went to war, came back and worked harder than anybody. Just to get that look. That look that says I don’t give two squirts of piss who you are. Nobody cares. Sep me.

Off Screen Thug 2 - I care. No bullshit.

Agent 355 - Your boy. Next time he talks about running train on your girl. Fist to the face. Till he stops talking. And that shit you did today, don’t do it again.

Y will debut on FX









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