EXCLUSIVE: Audition Tapes Leak For ‘Kim Possible’ Arch-Villain Shego

Apr 29, 2018


Disney Channel is hard at work in developing their upcoming live-action adaptation of Kim Possible. The recently announced that newcomer Sadie Stanley has landed the role as the teenage super spy. The Goldberg’s star Sean Giambrone has also been cast as Kim Possible’s best friend and sidekick Ron Stoppable. We have also revealed that production is expected to begin this June and run through July.

Now we at Omega Underground have come across audition tapes for the role of Kim Possible’s arch-nemesis and at times anti-hero Shego. Actress Michelle Khare (MK Ultra) and Jessa Ritter read for the part of Shego for the upcoming adaptation:


:: Scene 1 ::

Off-Screen Doctor Drakken - You were suppose to be here precisely at midnight Shego.

Shego- Sue me if talking Dementor and snatching Pop Pop, there by louring Possible to the other side of the country took a sec!

Off-Screen Doctor Drakken - I trust every else is going as planned.

Shego - Don’t you worry. I have followed all of the directives you have barked at me for the past year. While you’ve been on forced vacation. It was as annoying as working with you in person.

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Off-Screen Doctor Drakken - Oh, it’s good to see you too!

Shego - Now, I’ve taken your work as far as I possible can and it’s time for you to finish it…and then mess it up. And then get sent back to jail…again!

Off-Screen Doctor Drakken - I’ve missed your pep talks Shego. Just you wait. If everything goes according to plan I will become the worlds greatest evil doer!

Shego - And what about her? The world’s greatest evil don’ter.

Off-Screen Doctor Drakken - I’ve got a very special plan for her. Very special indeed!

Shego - *sigh* Let’s go. I’m sure security is on the way.

:: Scene 2 ::

Off-Screen Kim Possible - Shego!

Shego - Possible. It’s been too long…

Off-Screen Kim Possible -Can’t say I’ve been feeling particularly nostalgic.

Off-Screen Artemis -Step away from the modulator! And put your hands up.

Shego - Ha, Who’s this?

Off-Screen Kim Possible -We’re trying her out…

Shego - But why is she the one giving the orders? She in charge now? Did you get demoted?!

Off-Screen Kim Possible -Enough! Artemis get the cube. She’s mine. I’m gonna give you one chance to come clean Shego. What are you gonna do with the brain cube?

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Shego - Great question! Tell ya what let’s go grab latte’s and I’ll tell you our entire plan. Hope you like your milk steamed…

[Attack Sequence]

Off-Screen Kim Possible - Ron! Are you ok buddy?

Off-Screen Ron Stoppable -I’m ok I’m just gonna lay on the ground for 20 minutes if that’s cool.

Shego - You’re next new meat.

Off-Screen Artemis - Uh, guys need help.

Shego - You like that? It’s a new little trick I’ve been working on. Should keep you good and trapped. Just long enough to kick new meat’s butt here. And take off with my shiny new brain cube.

Off-Screen Artemis  - Don’t worry fam I got this.

Shego - Kim, you got some competition here. She’s pretty good. Maybe even better than you.

Off-Screen Kim Possible -Oh, no guys are you ok.

Off-Screen Artemis -We’re fine.

Off-Screen Kim Possible - She’s taken the bacon.

Off-Screen Ron Stoppable - But the cube?!

Shego - Well, that’s my cue. This has been fun and obviously I need to up my game for new meat here for next time. Because she’s the real opponent Kim.

Kim Possible will debut on Disney Channel in 2019

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