EXCLUSIVE: Casting Begins For Courtney Whitmore in DC Comic’s ‘Stargirl’ TV Series

Aug 7, 2018

Yesterday, we at Omega Underground revealed that casting had begun for the roles in  DC Comics upcoming streaming series Stargirl. Our exclusive revealed that DC Comics hero Wildcat is expected to appear on the show.

Now we have audition tapes for the lead role of Courtney Whitmore read by Sienna Hubert-Ross and upcoming actress Olivia McKown. The tapes confirm that Wildcat will appear alongside Courtney in school. As well as Doctor Mid-Nite, Hourman and the entire Justice Society of America is a part of this universe. It’s unknown however if this will be the same Justice Society that appeared on Legends of Tomorrow (above).



:: Scene 1 ::

Stargirl - “Ok, your name was Stripesy?!”

Pat Dugan - “Because I wore stripes!”

Stargirl -“Yeah, a lot of them. Who came up with the costume?”

Pat Dugan - “…I did”

Stargirl - “And that name?”

Pat Dugan - “Me.”

Stargirl - “Didn’t anybody try to like brainstorm a little with you?  Help you out.”

Pat Dugan -“Why? What’s wrong with it?”

Stargirl - “It’s not exactly the most intimidating choice you could have made. I mean ‘Look out it’s that red and white striped superhero Stripesy’ “

Pat Dugan -“Sylvester never actually let me go out into the field with him.”

Stargirl - “Then what did you do?”

Pat Dugan -“Most of the time I waited in the car”

Stargirl - “Oh, like a getaway driver?!”

Pat Dugan - “He drove.”

Stargirl - “What.”

Pat Dugan - “I was his mechanic.”

Stargirl - “Well, did he at least pay you?

Pat Dugan - “Superheros don’t get paid. That’s the whole point. Do good because that is the right thing to do.”

Stargirl - “Well yeah that’s great Pat. There are benefits from being a superhero that you should have enjoyed like the rest of them right?”

Pat Dugan - “Like what?”

Stargirl - “I don’t know. A cool costume, an awesome codename. I mean look at this one. Doctor Mid-Nite, dark, mysterious. The dude in the hood. Hourman. He’s looking like he is having a blast.”

Pat Dugan - “I once saw him lift a Volkswagon Bug over his head.”

Stargirl - “So you are saying what? Those guys are cool cause they had powers?”

Pat Dugan - “Not just powers. They were the bravest men and women I’ve ever known. They were my friends. Truth is I was lucky they let me hang out with them.”

Stargirl - “…And they were lucky you could do their oil changes…”

Pat Dugan - “What?”

Stargirl - “Nothing. It’s just…if you ever decide to be a superhero again don’t just wait in the car. You got more to offer than that.”

Pat Dugan - “Like what?”

Stargirl - “….I’ll get back to you on that!”

:: Scene 2 ::

Stargirl - “Yolanda put on your mask!”

Yolanda Montez - “No! I’m hitting the eject button on this crazy plan we shouldn’t be doing this.”

Stargirl - “Of course we shouldn’t be doing this.”

Yolanda Montez -“I just said that.”

Stargirl - “Well, somebody has to do this.”

Yolanda Montez -“Yeah, but why us?”

Stargirl - “Because my neighbors are disappearing and I want to know why don’t you?”

Yolanda Montez - “I wanna know why but I also think it be cool leaving it a mystery. I love mysteries! Especially unsolved ones.”

Stargirl - “Come on. I need you.”

Yolanda Montez - “The staff picked you. I just found this suit.”

Stargirl - “No. I gave you that suit. And I could have given it to anyone.”

Yolanda Montez -“I was the only one there.”

Stargirl - “What are you gonna do tonight? Sit in your bedroom and sulk.”

Yolanda Montez -“That sounds like a perfect Friday evening! Yes.”

Stargirl - “Ok, last year you were class President. Organizing rallies and walk-outs. Really getting out there and trying to make things better. I mean you were the face of progress at Blue Valley High and now you want to hide in your room?”

Yolanda Montez -“You  would hide too if you were me.”

Stargirl - “Yola, don’t let that jerk take you away from you.”

Yolanda Montez -“It’s not his fault. It’s mine. I sent him those pictures”

Stargirl - “Ok, but he didn’t have to share them.”

Yolanda Montez -“But he did. And you can’t put that genie back into the bottle.”

Stargirl - “Put on the mask. Look you don’t have to be the face of Blue Valley High but you shouldn’t be embarrassed or ashamed either. You’ve done that for the way to long. Be the fierce badass I know that’s locked up inside of you. Be a Wildcat. “

[Puts on mask]

Yolanda Montez -“I can’t see out of this thing.”

Stargirl - “It’s ok! We will make some adjustments.”

Yolanda Montez -“Eye holes are on the top of my list.”

Stargirl - “Noted.”

Yolanda Montez -“It also smells like gym class.”

Stargirl - “We’ll wash it.”

Stargirl will stream exclusively on DC Universe in 2019


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