Exclusive: Comic Artist Sean Chen x NextChapter host Virtual Art Gallery & Product Drop

Aug 26, 2020

Collectible and Comic fans pay attention as GWW is proud to exclusively announce NextChapter joins forces with legendary comic artist artist Sean Chen to bring you something extremely special. Sean and NextChapter are set to bring fans closer to the creative process as they give you an inside look into Sean Chen’s latest project Wingman: Compendium of an Artists’ First Writing Experience and attend a virtual art gallery. The experience is sure to be a unique experience for artists and fans alike. And for the collector in all of us be sure to tune in early as fans well be treated to an autographed first edition copy of Sean’s graphic storybook.

Spots will fill up fast and so be sure to register HERE to reserve yours now.

You also don’t want to miss out on Sean’s featured book Wingman: Compendium of an Artists’ First Writing Experience be sure to PRE-ORDER via https://www.nextchapterpost.com/shop/wingman

NextChapter will deliver their first creator inspired collectible via their inaugural creative partnership with Sean Chen, veteran comic artist turned author, on Tuesday, September 1st. The graphic media publisher and distributor will provide fans a unique opportunity to obtain insight into Sean’s creative process with Wingman: Compendium of an Artist’ First Writing Experience. The graphic storybook will be exclusively available as limited first editions beginning at 10:00am PDT on September 1st for 24-hours only at NextChapterPost.com, and a lucky number of randomly selected fans will also receive an autographed, original sketch from Sean along with their coffee table ready storybook. Additionally, in an effort to continue to foster a space where fans can directly connect with artists, NextChapter is partnering with Machi X DAO to create a unique experience for fans to attend a virtual art gallery where they will be able to purchase NFT (Non Fungible Token) copies of Wingman: Compendium of an Artist’s First Writing Experience along with physical copies of the storybook. The gallery will be filled with other original sketches of some of Sean’s favorite characters such as Wolverine, Ironman, Harley Quinn, Batman Beyond, Vultron and Bruce Lee! All of which will be available for purchase as limited edition NFTs. The event will be powered by Crypto Vexels on September 1st at 5:00pm PDT. Attendees will get to create an avatar and fit them with the finest crypto threads in the metaverse! Check out the EVENT PAGE to register and to drop it on your calendar.

Sean Chen is a renowned Asian American artist who has been the creative force behind characters for Valiant, Marvel, and DC Comics, many of which have been spun off into films, cartoons, and video games. After 25 years drawing characters such as Bloodshot, Ironman, and Batman Beyond, Sean penned his first original story centered around a Knight from the Crusades who has dodged Death for centuries and now faces the perils of
eternal life. Sean describes it in the following way: “Visually, it is a very real-world grounded story about a dying man in the throes of an existential crisis desperately scheming for more time to give himself much-needed closure. In other words, fun stuff!” With this exclusive run of Wingman: Compendium of an Artist’s First Writing Experience, readers will be treated to personalized features from Sean, including a special foreword, creator’s commentary, easter egg reveals, and behind-the-scenes notes that explore his creative process.

About NextChapter:
NextChapter is a graphic media publisher and distributor focused on building a community for creators and fans to connect by providing unique access to original stories, collectible items, and insight into the creative process behind the featured artwork. Serving as an inheritance to the comic book industry, NextChapter collaborates with their artists to form a non-traditional, publishing and distribution partnership of creator owned content in order to build relationships with their fans and other communities that might discover their work, along with providing revenue streams to support their work.

Website: https://www.nextchapterpost.com/
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NextChapter x Machi X 9/1 Event – https://www.eventbrite.com/e/comic-arts-by-nextchapter-machi-x-tickets-116888800549

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The Machi X DAO is a member-directed organization where members pool resources, create proposals to improve
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