EXCLUSIVE: ‘Doom’ Reboot Audition Tape Gives Insight On Recently Completed Movie

Jun 14, 2018


Filming has wrapped on the direct-to-video Doom reboot movie but there is still a bit of a mystery surrounding the video game film, as we didn’t even know it existed until days before it was set to shoot.

Well, we now have an older audition tape from actor Akie Kotabe (Jason Bourne, November Man) for the role of Doctor Koji that might shed some light on the film and give some context to the Bulgaria set photos that have been making their way online.

However, it does seem like the character was possibly renamed after casting a different actor.

The audition tape teases a potential facility meltdown, hell demons, and confirms the BFG will be in the film.


::Scene 1 ::

Off-Screen Male – “It’s fine Doctor, join us. You all know Doctor Koji. The facility is divided into four major sections with two levels. What’s that area in the middle?” Doctor Koji – “It’s an arboretum. The engineers can alter this cabin and fear would compromise the integrity of the site. The green cell would produce Co2 levels but I’ve been told it’s become a popular place for personnel to visit. Not to many trees in space.” Off-Screen Male – “Why don’t they pick another spot?” Doctor Koji – “From what I understand this was the only viable location for the base. Phobos is one of the most unstable environments in the solar system. That’s why it’s called the Doomed Moon.”

:: Scene 2 ::

Doctor Koji – “The reserve power is down to 2%.” Off-Screen Male – “That seems low” Doctor Koji – “That’s an understatement” Off-Screen Male – “Captain hold up” Captain – “What?” Doctor Koji – “The reserve power is down to just over 2%. That’s about 90 minutes left. It should have 72 hours upon activation” Captain – “When was it activated?” Doctor Koji – “An hour ago. Something extraordinary had to have happened to have drained the power so radically.” Captain – “Something extraordinary? Something bad right.” Off-Screen Male – “Don’t know.” Doctor Koji – “That’s irrelevant. Getting system back online will mean nothing if we can’t restore the power.” Captain – “What do you mean?” Doctor Koji – “The safeguards put in place to protect the core from a meltdown will fail. We’d lose the base and most likely the entire moon.”

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:: Scene 3 ::

Doctor Koji – “I knew they were doing groundbreaking stuff here but teleportation?! It’s incredible. Off-Screen Male – “The other doctor might be insane” Doctor Koji – “They all are. But in this case he has a right to be. Along with humans traveling lightyears away in seconds. He might have found something that has baffled scientists for years. “ Off-Screen Male – “How do you mean?” Doctor Koji – “There are Cimmerian like symbols on the slabs. One of mans earliest forms of language on earth is Cimmerian. What if they are the ones that brought the language to us? And with their advance technology they may be responsible for our other mysteries like how the Pyramids were built. Or how civilizations around the world that had no possible means of communication all built nearly identical structures using the same math and engineering.” Off-Screen Male – “These things tried to tear us apart so forgive me if I don’t rejoice in your discovery.”

:: Scene 4 ::

Doctor Koji – “Is something wrong?” Off-Screen Male – “ Actually for the first time today no. No, this looks very right.” Doctor Koji – “Ha, that’s the BFG 9000” Off-Screen Male – “BFG?” Doctor Koji - “Barring Infusion Gun 9000 series. It fires a green burst of plasma. One plasma hit is the equivalent to 120 bullets.” Off-Screen Male – “That’ll even the playing field. How will they be developing this?” Doctor Koji – “Guns been around for a few years. The problem is the plasma cells don’t hold a charge for very long. Also, have a few grenades here. Very powerful. But the Barring Infusion Gun was the crown jewel. Of course no one in R&D call it that.” Off-Screen Male – “What did they call it?” Doctor Koji – “The big fucking gun.”

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Here are also some of the recent social media posts from the film’s set. Most of the images and videos come from actress Nina Bergman and director Tony Giglio.





The cast includes Amy Mason, Louis Mandylor, Nina Bergman, Dominic Mafham, Luke Allen-Gale, Arkie Reece, Jemma Moore, Amer Chadha-Patel, Gavin Brocker, Chidi Ajufo, Katrina Nare, James Weber Brown, and Clayton Adams.

Doom might be getting released on January 1st, 2019.

It’s interesting that we’re getting a new Doom film on the heels of Bethesda announcing Doom Eternal at E3. Could we see the game studio pursue more films for properties like Rage or Wolfenstein? The latter has had a feature adaptation stuck in development limbo for over a decade.


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