EXCLUSIVE: ‘The Lunch Witch’ from Ben Stiller in production

Oct 15, 2020

The GWW has obtained some details on an upcoming project from Ben Stiller for Dreamworks.

In sourceD documents, a new film for Dreamworks is in production with Ben Stiller set to direct. Kate McKinnon is currently set to star as the titular role,”GRUNHILDA”. The film is set to be produced by Michael De Luca and Nicky Weinstock and written by Sarah Schneider. Filming Dates, location, and budget are still unknown and to be disucusessed.

The series logline is as follows: For generations and generations, the women of Grunhilda’s family have stirred up trouble in a big, black pot. Grunhilda inherits her famous ancestors’ recipes, and cauldron, but no one believes i magic anymore. Despite the fact that Grunhilda’s only useful skill is cooking potfuls of foul brew, she finds a job listing that might suit her: lunch lady. She delights in scaring the kids until she meets a timid little girl named Madison with a big set of glasses who becomes an unlikely friend. Madison needs help at school and at home, but helping people goes against everything Grunhilda’s believes in as a witch! Will this girl be able to thaw the Lunch Witch’s icy heart? Or will Grunhilda turn her back on a kindred spirit?

The film is in early production and has yet to officially cast Madison or any other supporting roles. The film will likely take inspiration from The Lunch Witch #1, by Deb Lucke.


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