EXCLUSIVE: Translucent and Julia Stillwell Audition Tapes Leak From Amazon’s ‘The Boys’

Jan 16, 2018


Earlier we at Omega Underground revealed the first audition tape for Amazon’s upcoming adult superhero series The Boys from creators Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg. Now we are back with several others. We first have actor Tarun Shetty (Grimm, Doe) reading for the super-powered being known as Translucent:


:: Scene 1 ::

Male - “Look if you don’t want to talk. Don’t talk. I tried. Good luck.”

Translucent - “I know who you are. You know that right?”

Male - “Really? Last I checked you aren’t psychic. You’re not really much of anything. Accept invisible.”

Translucent - “Buddy, my superpower ain’t invisibility. It’s reading people. Watching them when they think they are alone.  I’ve seen happy people go into bathrooms and open their veins. Sweety pie moms lock her screaming kids in scolding showers. I see people for who they really are. I see you too…”

Male - “Right, you know me so well.”

Translucent- “Those other two. The heavy hitters. Just a bystander. Maybe a waiter or a salesman. It’s like your childhood, jerking off in your Mothers monogram pink towels.  That’s if you don’t still live with her. Imma do it. Evan kinda feels bad for you. Your girl died. I mean we all do some crazy shit when we have broken hearts. Now you’re fucked. Every instinctive is telling you to head for the hills. I’d list those instincts by the way.”

Male - “Unless we figure out how to kill you first.”

Translucent - “How? I’ve got invulnerable skin. I’m a fucking superhero. I’m part of the seven. We fight terrorists, MS-13. We save the world daily. I’ve been in front of thousands of fans all creaming in their jeans. Where were you? You’re very vulnerable. Water balloon full of blood and shit. Homeland is gonna find me and when he does…he is gonna bust you wide open. And I’m gonna make it home in time for cocktails. Because that is who you are and that is who I am. Your not the hero of this story and I’m not the one who is trapped. Jerk off. “

:: Scene 2 ::

Translucent - “What? Something doesn’t feel right.”

Male - “I bet. I’m not ashamed to admit I’ve outdone myself. The problem is the skin. Hard as diamonds. Then I realized it’s just your shell that’s hard. Like a turtle no? But the inside is like the rest of ours. Soft, wet…malleable.”

Translucent - “What did you do to me?”

Male - “So how to get to the squishy insides? Through the mouth? No. There’s stomach acid and the gag reflex. If I stick a foreign object down your thought you may throw it up. No, there’s truly only one way.”

Translucent - “What the fuck did you do to me?”

Male - “He stuck a golf ball sized gobble-plastic up your bumhole mate.”

Translucent - “…oh my god.”

Male - “If you try to pull it out. Boom! Just like if I pull this trigger.”

Translucent - “Oh my god. Please don’t kill me. I’ll do anything you want man. I’ll tell you about A-train that’s what the kid was asking for.”

Male - “Did you talk to him?”

Translucent - “I don’t know where A-train was headed  the night he killed that girl but I know where he was coming from.”

Male - “What? Where?

Translucent -“Pop Claws. He is always at Pop Claws. He thinks nobody knows. But I know.”

Male - “Who’s pop claw?”

Translucent - “That’s all I know about that night. I swear to God. But I’ll tell you anything else you want man. Just ask me please.”

Male - “Look normally that would be lovely but just ain’t got the time.”

NEXT UP : Julia Sitwell Audition Tape

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