Exploring the New Humbl Pay App 

May 2, 2021


Exploring the New Humbl Pay App 

There’s a new app on the block: and reviewers are suggesting that it will be the next PayPal! Humbl Pay is an app that is connecting consumers and merchants in the digital economy, enabling users to pay for goods and services in a contactless and seamless way. Because Humbl Pay makes digital and mobile payments so easy, it is being favored by a wide range of different online retailers, and from a wide range of different industries. That means that whether you’re enjoying a game of poker at Las Vegas casino or buying pair of sneakers from Nike, your Humbl Pay app is all you need to carry with you. 

Here we will explore the new Humbl Pay app, and the features that it offers consumers right now: 

Connect, Share, and Pay Around the World 

What makes the Humbl Pay app so unique is that as well as connecting consumers and merchants, it is also connecting freelancers, enabling them to make and receive payments with ease. Freelancers are the fastest growing segment of the global economy, with 162 million freelancers already registered in just the US and EU, and if you’re a freelancer or member of the self-employed, ensuring that you and the rest of your segment of the economy can be easily connected with the consumers and other merchants that you want to reach is a great reason to use the app. 

Humbl Offers a One Stop Shop

Humbl doesn’t just allow you to make and receive contactless digital payments; it is a one stop shop for all of your financial service needs, make it one of the most convenient and hard-working apps that you can download. As one reviewer of the app on the Google Play website suggests; “This is awesome! I’m SO excited to finally have a 1-stop app for services that I used to need multiple apps to use!!” Whilst another reviewer shares: “So far very polished and easy to use. Will be very versatile once all facets of this company get integrated.”

One of the most interesting aspects of the Humbl app is that it is fully global, meaning that the platform allows cheap and fast money transfers overseas, without the hassle and inconvenience of having to go through a third party. Whether for business or for pleasure, and at home or overseas, you can use the Humbl app for anything, and anywhere. Which all adds to its global appeal and explains its incredibly fast growth. 

Humbl App: The Cons

The main (and only real) drawback of the Humbl App is that it’s so new: this means that some merchants still don’t offer or accept Humbl as a payment option and it also means that some elements of the app haven’t been launched or fully integrated yet. Despite this, Humbl is an app with great potential, and it is incredibly exciting to see where this app is going to go next: we predict that it will revolutionize the digital financial services arena.

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