Extra Life 25 Hour Gaming Marathon

Oct 3, 2013


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If you’ve always wanted to Be a Hero for someone, now is your chance. Geeks With Wives is proud to be participating this year in Extra Life, a gaming marathon to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network.

On Saturday, November 9, three members of the Geeks With Wives website & podcast will spend 25 hours straight playing video games. I know this sounds like a typical weekend for us, but in this gaming marathon there’s more at stake than just experience points. And you can participate in two ways! The easiest is to sponsor one of the Geeks:

Click here to sponsor James

Click here to sponsor Joe

Click here to sponsor Kenney

But sometimes you’re not in a position to donate financially and that’s okay. If you’d like to join the gaming marathon and rally friends for donations, send a tweet to @HardwickFamily and James will be happy to help you help us.

As parents (or soon-to-be parents), we cannot thank you enough for all of your help and support.