Fallout 4 Survival Diary #2 The Road is Long and Full of Ghouls

Jun 13, 2016

The following is the diary of Sandra Storm, survivor of Vault 111. Before the bomb dropped, Sandra was an intimidating woman that was not afraid of a fight. She acquired several facial scars from local brawls and fights. After the bombs dropped, she was force to be reckoned with. Freed from society’s norms of being polite and holding back,  the post apocalypse was the world she was meant to live in…

Entry #2- The Road is Long and Full of Ghouls


I awake from my rooftop tent with an ache in my arm. The fight with the DeathClaw has left me with a nasty infections. I’m also tried, hungry, and thirsty. This is life in the post apocalypse. I pop some antibiotics, finish off some the last of my grilled Radroach, and deplete my last can of water. I’m still thirsty, but in better shape. Looking at my Pip-Bob Diamond city seems forever away.


It time to hit the road.


It’s still dark as I head out, but I figure it might help hide me better from danger. It’s not long before I see the glow of a fire in the woods. Slowly, I creep up on it, scouting for any sights of movement. The camp is abandoned, but has several boxes of supplies. Salvaging what I can. I heard shouting off to the right of me. The voices are hostile, but they are not yelling at me. I make my way towards them.


The yelling is coming from two bandit looking individuals. They don’t notice as a silently stalk closer to them in the darkness. Things seem to be going south quickly with  the conversation they are having with whoever is in the diner. I decided to engage since I have the advantage. I send Dogmeat up to distract them, as soon as he is close enough I fire my rifle.  All hell breaks loose. The occupants of the diner charge out, Dogmeat grabs the closest bandit pinning her in her position. She falls quickly between Dogmeat and the Diner residents. The final bandit attempts to run away in the confusion and is gunned down with a shot from my rifle.  The owner of the diner happens to be a trader, and thanks me for helping out. We exchange some goods, and I pitch my tent near the diner to get a full nights rest.


I awake early unable to get a full night of rest in the tent. It’s early morning and I sent out again. I spy a house in the distance and inspect it from the sight of a newly scavenged sniper rifle. I don’t see any movement, but creep my way up to the house just in case.


A small team of bandits are holding up in the house. Carcasses of Mirelurks are laying on the floor, perhaps the former occupants of the house. The bandits are asleep, but begin to stir as I enter the house. Reacting quickly, I blast them all with my shotgun. It’s a violent yet brief encounter. Raiding the house I collect the mirelurk meat, and find some water which I immediately drink. It tastes good, but I’m still thirsty.


After leaving the house, I notice some movement off to my side. Crouching down I spot a pack of wild dogs feasting on a recent kill. They prove no match for the sniper rifle. After downing the pack, I inspect their kills. It’s a Radstag with good meat and intact hide. I collect it as well as meat and hides from the feral dogs. My meat supplies are plentiful, but water is still a problem.


The sun rises and it’s beautiful. In the distance I see a junk yard and head towards it for supplies. The occupants of the junk yard are all dead. It appears they were killed by a pack of about a dozen mole rats that had taken a likening to the location. Despite the residents being killed they have left behind several useful things. An armor bench and a cooking pot. I quickly cook all the raw meat I’ve acquired including the family of Molerats I just killed retaking the junkyard.  Some small improvements to my armor and I’m head on.


I’m getting close to a city and my Pip-Boy picks up a distress call. It appears to be coming from the city just ahead of me. It’s time to investigate.


Ghouls and tons of them! The distress call came from these soldiers called the Brotherhood of Steel. I discover them in the midst of a fierce battle. I grab by shotgun and join the fray. Blasting my way up to step of the building.


The battle is intense with waves of three of four ghouls attacking at time.  I fire my pistol at them no longer worrying about ammo conversation, but survival. A final gurgle from a ghoul is followed by silence, the attack seems to be over.


The battle being over, I’m thanked for my help and enlisted for another mission. I make it very clear, I’ll only undertake it if I’m compensated for my work. My terms are agreed to and I’m instructed to head inside for my briefing.


It looks like Diamond City is going to have to wait. I’m a mercenary for the Brotherhood of Steel now!


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