“Feathers #3” Just got better! REVIEW

Mar 6, 2015


ARCHAIA-Feathers-003-A-Main-a6969Feathers #3

Written by: Jorge Corona
Art by: Jorge Corona & Jen Hickman

As with any new comic book series, even a limited series, the story has to reach a place that is so engrossing that it seems effortless in its execution, propels the narrative and has the reader yearning for more. Such is the case with Archaia’s new all-ages series Feathers written and illustrated by Jorge Corona. Issue three not only meets these goals but exceeds them in bringing a complex but exciting adventure alive with twists and turns that will satisfy not only kids but adults as well.

ARCHAIA-Feathers-003-PRESS-5-bf635Things get really complicated for our feathered hero, Poe, as he’s caught between his foster father, getting Bianca back to the city and earning the trust of the Maze’s “Mice.” It’s these relationships that get tested and are at the heart of the issue. Bianca misses her home but getting her back has proven to be difficult. She promises to take Poe to see the Guide in order to learn about where he came from. Poe’s father is overly protective and distrusting of the world, but is it out of selfishness or fear of being alone that motivates him? Is the Mice leader, 2, really willing to help Poe and Bianca or does she have ulterior motives? It’s all morally gray by the end but some fantastic story developments as we go forward.

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As usual Corona’s cartoonish style makes the book incredibly appealing and his characters are enlivened with colorful expressions and actions. Corona’s attention to detail from rooftops, to brickwork, to the multiple costume designs fleshes out the Maze with amazing intricate line work. He’s world building in every sense of the word. Paired with Jen Hickman’s subdued earth tones, Corona’s art shines in a uniquely satisfying way.

Feathers is just getting better and better. It is hitting its stride and moving the plot along wonderfully. The new characters and conflicts are building upon themselves resulting into an anxiety-filled cliffhanger. You can’t help but root for Poe and Bianca on as their journey continues.

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