FEATURE: Ten More Superhero Team-Up Films That Should be Made

Mar 8, 2015


As the comic book movie genre continues to expand, a growing trend has been bringing together two or more superheroes in an epic team-up film. This was heavily popularized by the success of The Avengers in 2012, and since then, a number of similar movies were announced. We have sequels to Avengers, subtitled Age of Ultron and Infinity War Parts 1 and 2, coming out this year, 2018 and 2019. On the DC side, we have next year’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, 2017’s Justice League Part One and 2019’s Part Two. Not to mention the success of the X-Men and Guardians of the Galaxy franchises, the rebooted Fantastic Four and 2019’s Inhumans. Even prominent superheroes such as Iron Man and likely Spider-Man will appear in Captain America: Civil War. Of course, it’s not all superheroes; a group of supervillains will be the focus of next year’s Suicide Squad.

So, it seems like team-ups are going to be a big part of the comic book movie genre’s future. Naturally, many would wonder about what other team-up films could be developed. Below, I list ten possible options for such movies.

Green Lantern/Flash


This was a film that was actually rumored to be a part of Warner Bros.’ DC movie schedule last summer, but it was later announced that The Flash and Green Lantern are instead starring in their own solo movies. However, I would love to see the two team-up in a film outside of Justice League. The heroes have a long-lasting friendship which would be fascinating to see explored on the big screen, especially if they use Hal Jordan and Barry Allen. Such a movie would make an engaging buddy cop-type story. As for who should be the villain, my pick is Gorilla Grodd.



Another iconic comic book partnership is that of Spider-Man and Daredevil. The two have teamed up various times in comics and animation, so it would make sense to continue that trend into a live action movie. This is an actual possibility now that Spidey is set to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. A Spider-Man film would be an ideal way to introduce Charlie Cox’s Man Without Fear, who headlines this year’s Daredevil Netflix series, on the big screen. Plus, Sony and Marvel are seeking to incorporate other characters from the MCU into the new Spidey films, and Daredevil is a fine choice for one of them. Oh, and should the two join forces in a movie, then they HAVE to take on the Kingpin.

Wonder Woman/Aquaman


Both Wonder Woman and Aquaman are set to be apart of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League, before being spun off into their own films. Down the road, however, it would be cool to see Gal Gadot’s Diana Prince co-headline a movie with Jason Momoa’s Arthur Curry. Both characters have rich mythologies that could work wonders if they crossed paths. Perhaps this could take inspiration from the “Flashpoint” story arc and have Atlantis at war with Themiscyra. That could make for an engaging versus film; that is, if Wonder Woman and Aquaman had any good reason to go to war after teaming up in Justice League.



It is no secret that Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine has been a huge part of nearly every X-Men movie, and he is booked for the role through at least 2017’s The Wolverine sequel. While Jackman may possibly exit the role shortly afterwards, one film I’d like to see him in first is a team-up with Deadpool, whose first solo movie is finally hitting theaters next year. Assuming it is a success, Deadpool could very well kick off a new franchise. And given his long history and rivalry with Logan in the comics, that could be the focus of a follow-up. Plus, Jackman said recently that he would be open to a Wolverine appearance in Deadpool, so if not this one, then maybe a future film.

Teen Titans


Here, we have one of DC Comics’ most recognizable teams. The Teen Titans have headlined a couple of very successful animated shows, creating a dedicated fanbase. That and the decades worth of comic history can easily qualify this property for a feature film. Having characters such as Robin/Nightwing, Cyborg (who is starring in his own spin-off in 2020) and Starfire together would be fun to see on the big screen. The only thing is, TNT is developing a potential live action series, Titans. This could keep the team from being on the big screen at least for a while, given Warner Bros.’ separation of the DC film and TV properties. However, The Flash and Suicide Squad are still allowed for both mediums, so who knows. Either way, a Teen Titans film would be a lot of fun to see, and it would add a new element to the DC Cinematic Universe with its more youthful cast.

Captain America/Punisher


While these two Marvel heroes do not team up frequently in the comics, their potential relationship is one that could be fascinating to explore in a film. Both are soldiers, but utilize different methods in their respective crusades. Think of it as a relationship on par with Batman and Superman or, as seen on The CW’s DC shows, Arrow and the Flash. The Punisher has yet to be introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but one neat way to do so is to make him a supporting character, ala Black Widow or Falcon, in a future Captain America movie. Maybe Cap and Frank Castle are assigned to work together on a mission. Having the two clash over their differing ideals and eventually putting those aside for a common goal would be awesome. An obvious source of inspiration should be the “Civil War” storyline, which saw Castle refusing to fight Steve Rogers due to his great respect for him.



One fan-favorite matchup in DC Comics is Superman and Shazam. It is frequently debated which hero would win in a fight, with storylines such as “Kingdom Come” pitting them against each other. Seeing this relationship play out in a live action film would be very cool. Since the Shazam movie is not expected to be linked to Justice League right away, a crossover with Superman would serve as a nice way to integrate Billy Batson into the wider DC Cinematic Universe and perhaps into the JLA itself. Also, a big screen battle between Henry Cavill’s Superman and Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam would be simply epic. Out of the countless possibilities of superhero team-up films, this is one that I particularly would like to see.

Captain Marvel/Guardians of the Galaxy


Guardians of the Galaxy has officially established the cosmic side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. One fan-favorite cosmic hero, Captain Marvel, will get her own movie in 2018, in between the two parts of Avengers: Infinity War. Afterwards, though, it would be ideal to see her team up with the Guardians in a movie. Either she could be a supporting character in a future Guardians film, or the GOTG could pop up in a Captain Marvel sequel. Director James Gunn recently reaffirmed that Carol Danvers will not appear in Guardians of the Galaxy 2, but this doesn’t definitively rule out a later cosmic adventure of hers resulting in crossing paths with Star-Lord and company.

Deadshot/Harley Quinn


Deadshot and Harley Quinn will be the stars in next year’s Suicide Squad, played by Will Smith and Margot Robbie, respectively. Of course, a sequel is likely if this movie is a success. But if Warner Bros. does not do a second Suicide Squad, perhaps they could take Harley and Deadshot and partner them up in their own spin-off. Seeing the two team up for an adventure outside of the Squad could be a lot of fun. Imagine them being enlisted on a mission and eventually running into a DC superhero. Green Arrow, perhaps? Additionally, following their praised chemistry on Focus and likely Suicide Squad, WB will probably want to cash in on Smith and Robbie’s screen presence even more. And doing a film totally dedicated to Floyd Lawton and Harley Quinn would be an interesting way to do so.



Finally, we have two more Marvel Cinematic Universe characters. One has not received a solo film since 2008 and will not get another one anytime soon. The other has his first movie coming this year, and a sequel won’t be out until 2019/2020 at the earliest. If we do not get any more solo movies starring Hulk or Ant-Man in the near future, perhaps Marvel could team them up in an eventual film. Seeing scientists Bruce Banner and Hank Pym work together would be neat, while having the Hulk fight alongside Scott Lang against, say, Radioactive Man would be a lot of fun. And imagine all the ironic jokes about the huge Hulk and the tiny Ant-Man working together. An Ant-Man/Hulk team-up has a lot of potential, and if Marvel does not have any further solo plans for the heroes, then this would be an ideal way to continue utilizing the properties. Phase Four, maybe?


Which superheroes or supervillains would you like to see team up in a comic book movie?


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