FEATURE: Walton Goggins Should Play Marvel’s ‘Moon Knight’ In Netflix Series

Jan 5, 2016


A rumor circulated last year from Heroic Hollywood that Marvel Television was developing a series based on the character Moon Knight. Other outlets and channels seemingly also bringing-up this potential new series down the line for Netflix.

It makes a lot of sense considering before the rights reverted back to Marvel, people tried to develop a live-action television series, it just never came together. There had been talk from David Goyer (Man of Steel, Batman v Superman, Blade 1-3, Dark Knight Trilogy) and Geoff Johns (co-writer of the next Batman film) at Comic-Con 2006 that Moon Knight would cameo on their failed Blade series on Spike TV, that would never ended-up happening. That same year there had been rumblings that a Moon Knight series was in development, the thought being it would be a companion series on Spike TV alongside Blade.

Here’s an excerpt from the panel via IGN.

An audience member asked about the mention in the first episode of Mark Spectre, the alter-ego to the Marvel Comics character Moon Knight. Johns said there had indeed been discussions about introducing Moon Knight on the series at some point, with Goyer adding, “we have an interesting take on him,” though he said that they weren’t sure they could pull off having him wear his comic book costume on the series. Goyer and Johns said they were confidant that there would be some other Marvel Comics characters seen on the series down the line.


A new Blade series is also rumored to be in development as well at Marvel, with Wesley Snipes confirming talks with Marvel about reprising the role last year. The talk has been that he’d take a mentor role with his daughter Fallon Grey taking-up the vampire hunting mantle. That remains to be seen, but since the dark nature of these Netflix series characters like Blade could have little limits to the graphic aspects to the material. It would be funny if Marvel eventually had the two characters sharing screentime, when Goyer/Johns had been promising fans that since 2006.

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We’ve all speculated that Marvel’s second wave of Netflix series will lead to another team-up series that could be modified versions of Marvel Knights or Midnight Sons. Potentially taking on more of the supernatural side and characters willing to kill on a dime.


Marvel Television seemingly is a huge fan of their own medium, hiring plenty of actors from huge series, with Charlie Cox coming from Boardwalk Empire, Krysten Ritter from Breaking Bad, Mike Colter from The Good Wife, and Jon Bernthal from The Walking Dead. Hiring another actor from the world of high-profile television wouldn’t be shocking.

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One of my choices would be Walton Goggins of The Shield, Sons of Anarchy and Justified, the latter earned him two Emmy nominations. He’s no slouch when it comes to film roles either with Django Unchained, The Hateful Eight, and Lincoln, along with big dumb films with G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Predators, and Machete Kills. Making even the dumb movies more bearable with his presence.

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Walton easily could handle the multiple personas of Marc Spector, mercenary, cab driver, playboy, and the vigilante Moon Knight. He’s a well rounded actor and begs to to given his own franchise, the long-formed serialized format would likely work best for both the character and the casting.

He’d likely end-up one of the more well known hires for the television side of things, but would be such a smart get, not unlike when they landed Jon Bernthal for the role of The Punisher. It’s expected that Jon would end up getting his own series after his introduction in Daredevil season two. Having Moon Knight first introduced in something like Iron Fist or Defenders, could help setup the character for the future.

We have no idea when Marvel will make their post-Defenders announcements known to the public, but it’s safe to say that Moon Knight won’t be made anytime soon.

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