Featured Cosplayer: Cayden Vierra

Jun 11, 2014



Name: Cayden Vierra
City: Dallas
Twitter: @CaydenVierra
Facebook: Cayden Vierra Cosplay (facebook.com/CaydenVierra)
Jubilee: Aperture Ashley
Ronin Psylocke: Templar Digital/Slim Summers
X-23: Max Shot First (formerly Max Shoots Cosplay)
Emma Frost: Max Shot First (formerly Max Shoots Cosplay)

What was your first Cosplay Experience?
The very first time I cosplayed at a convention was as X-23 at Dallas Comic-Con 2012. It was somewhat of a closet cosplay as everything was store-bought except for my balsa wood claws (which were made by my boyfriend and me). This led me to want to go further into cosplay and start trying to make my own cosplays from scratch. My first handmade cosplay I wore at a convention was my River Tam at Dallas Comic Con 2013. It was an incredible experience and loved walking around with a sword and axe!

How long have you been Cosplaying?
I first started cosplaying last year in February 2013. I first started making my own cosplays shortly after for Dallas Comic Con in May 2013 with River Tam. I’m still very much a beginner in the crafty side of cosplay!

What is your favorite cosplay you have worn/created?
It’s tough to choose my favorite cosplay, but I would say my favorite cosplay (so far) is Jubilee! I was part of a 20-person X-Men group, the “X-Men Infinity Class”, and it was such an exciting experience. The group planning began in October 2013 and it was amazing to finally see our group together at Dallas Comic Con this month! I got to be my normal, bubbly self and it counted as me being “in character” AND we got a photo op with my “nerd granddaddy” Stan Lee! (Shhh… Stan Lee doesn’t know that he’s my nerd granddaddy!)

If you had unlimited resources, what Cosplay would you create?
Although I predominately cosplay from X-Men, my nerdy roots actually began with anime. I am a 90s otaku and a HUGE Gundam Wing fan. One of my first (fictional character) crushes was Quatre Raberba Winner, so I would absolutely love to create a mostly, if not fully, functional XXXG-01SR2 Gundam Sandrock Kai complete with the diffusing cloak!

What advice would you offer others trying to break into Cosplay?
Don’t get intimidated! Whether it’s by other cosplayers or just by the cosplay/character itself, do not get intimidated out of doing something that you love.

Have you seen this:
TLDR #47: Gideon Falls & Y: The Last Man

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