Feel Lost, Confused, or Afraid of Life? “Me Him Her” is for You (Movie Review)

Mar 17, 2016

Me Him Her (2015)
Big Beach Films

Written by: Max Landis
Directed by: Max Landis

Starring: Geena Davis, Haley Joel Osment, Alia Shawkat

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Mine: Brendan comes out to Corey and brings him to LA for support. Gaby is dumped by heather and breaks down emotionally. Brendan and Corey end up at a gay bar where Brendan’s love interest is. This bar is where Corey and Gaby meet its also where the public gets their first hint that Brendan might be gay. This sets up the rest of the movie, Brendan is afraid of coming out and how it could affect his life or career. Gaby is still under Heather’s sociopathic spell and confused about her feelings for Corey. Corey is generally unhappy, trying to hide it, help Brendan and figure things out with Gaby. I’m really not sure how to describe this movie at all and I think I’m doing it a great disservice, let’s just move on.

Max landis’: “A guy who’s an actor in LA realizes he’s gay he wants to come out of the closet he needs emotional support so he calls his friend Corey. The problem being his friend Corey is kind of a doofus kind of one of those people that’s going nowhere. Corey ends up wandering away accidentally outing him to the paparazzi and hooking up with a lesbian.”

This movie is incredible. Max Landis wrote a movie for anyone who’s ever felt lost, confused or afraid of their life. He made it funny, smart, charming, weird, serious, and ridiculous, everything I’ve come to expect from him as a writer. As his first time directing I think he exceeded expectations producing a beautiful truly film. Although Landis is a huge reason why I decided to watch this film I stuck around because of the incredible acting. Our main characters Brendan, Gabbi, and Cory played by Luke Bracey, Emily Meade, and Dustin Milligan were all spectacular. Each one hilarious in their own right and able to pull off serious scenes when needed. Angela Sarafyan as Heather was exactly what I’ve always pictured a sociopath to be. There are great performances by many smaller side characters as well portrayed by Chris Hardwick and Alia Shawkat.

Something else worth mentioning is that Max Landis was only given $100 to advertise this movie. $100 to market a movie and two weeks to do it! That’s insanity! Most movies have hundreds of thousands of dollars and months to market their movies. The fact that he pulled it off and broke the top 100 chart on iTunes is pretty damn impressive.

I didn’t know what to expect going into this movie but I’ve quickly grown attached to it. It’s a perfect movie about being afraid of change, of understanding who you are as a person, and so much more. There’s wacky dreams, crazy exes, and real characters. I know that the movie is filled with wacky situations, and giant penis dreams but underneath all that are real characters who have real problems. They’re people you’ve met in your own life which makes them easy to relate you, maybe you’ve even been one of these characters before, I know I have.

This movie found me at the perfect time because at its core I see this as a movie about being lost and not knowing exactly who you are or what you want. As someone who’s struggled with this idea for years it resonated with me. This is the film I needed to see right now. Is it for everyone? Probably not but it’s still a fun, wacky movie so give it a shot.

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