FILM REVIEW: ‘Saban’s Power Rangers’

May 1, 2017


Power Rangers when you hear the name in your older years it’s filled with nostalgia of a show brimming with campy greatness giant robot fights cheeseball obscure villains and of course teens with attitude. Saban’s Power Rangers have gone through over 20  TV incarnations ranging from pirates to wizards.

With each new iteration bringing forth a new set of rangers for every generation. But Saban’s most recent addition to the franchise takes us back to its roots. The latest and greatest Mighty Morphin Power Rangers brings us straight back to the angst youth of Angel Grove with a more realistic setting and darker tone.

The characters in this new Power Rangers are no longer plucky and sprightly. But instead. Show imperfections flaws and worries that build who each character is. Giving qualities that bring the team together as a whole as the movie develops. A bit slower paced for your average kids movie it doesn’t make the film unnecessarily grind but instead adds more depth to the rangers earning their abilities and how their origins come together.

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Unfortunately the extra origin plot points overcame what would’ve been more morphin time which only really shine through towards the end of the film. With that aside the story is pretty solid not disappointing to an older audience or too ridiculously campy for children. It’s the right amount of action comedy that pulls the movie through all the way to its conclusion.

Elizabeth Banks seemed like an uncanny choice for the space witch Rita Repulsa but altogether was the only odd cast pick. Bryan Cranston was a very cool nod cameoing from the original show being known for voicing various monsters in the show’s first season. Making a return this time as the rangers advisor and father figure Zordon.

Unlike most remakes this film tries to make an effort in respecting where it comes from but also knowing when to compromise in giving more mature themes like troubled home lives, being bullied and isolated with mental illness to feeling comfortable with your sexuality. Power Rangers tackles a lot of issues giving it more depth than being childish and rushed.

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The story for the movie definitely took the time for its characters but for that sacrifice also led to some moments being hyper focused on. Taking the spotlight away from really cool scenes that could’ve been expanded upon particularly the beginning of the movie.

All in all Power Rangers took time to give us a steady introduction to our new rangers. Setting a solid foundation for sequels to come with more fast-paced story lines and of course the very anticipated introduction of Tommy Oliver the Green Ranger.

I give Saban’s Power Rangers a nostalgic 7 out of 10 with slight bias for giant mechanical dinosaurs and extreme excitement for sequels to come. Stay tuned to Omega Underground for all of your morphin needs.


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