Finding Purpose in “Red Sonja #1” (Review)

Jan 24, 2016

Mad Cave Studios


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RSvol3-01-Cov-A-Sauvage-9d68dRed Sonja #1

Story by: Marguerite Bennett
Illustrated by: Aneke
Colored by: Jorge Sutil

Honestly, I haven’t been a Red Sonja fan for too long, but what I have read has been utterly awesome. I’ve been reading most work since the 70’s “Marvel Feature” and, most recently, the last volume of work from Gail Simone. However, Bennett’s track record shows that she is more than capable of keeping the character moving forward. This issue certainly shows a different side of the She Devil, for the audience gets to see what happens when she finds herself becoming increasingly not needed around Hyrkania. This is a Red Sonja that contemplates the possibility of leadership and her own role in the nation. With the passing of the previous king a new unknown leader takes the mantle and with this comes peace and prosperity. However, we’re not entirely sure how long this is destined to last.

Bennett hasn’t yet had much room to explore the action packed side of Red Sonja, but this issue letsRSvol3-01-Cov-C-Lotay-64053 us see her outside of her hack’n’slash adventures. The writing is very fitting for the character and it’s a pleasure to read her work. Meanwhile, Aneke’s artistic component is just as great. The work is thorough, detailed, and imaginative. At times, Aneke breaks away from a traditional layout to give the pages some cool splashes and non-linear elements. This creative team seems to work very well together and I’m excited to see where they go with the series.

The only thing that I feel holding this issue back is that it is a first issue so a fair bit of time is spent developing the plot, and, when dealing with a action driven character like Red Sonja, this isn’t always ideal. However, I am pretty optimistic about where these two will take the character. Even though first issues do generally move slowly, what this issue lacks in kick-butt action is made up for in potential. I’m certainly optimistic about where they will go with the series.

*This comic was released on 1/13/2016.