FIRST LOOK: Katherine Waterston As Daniels In ‘Alien: Covenant’; Is She A Synthetic?

May 26, 2016


Katherine Waterston‘s lead character of Alien: Covenant has been revealed with this official behind the scenes shot of her in character as Daniels on the ship.

You can see her on what looks to be a damaged portion of the colony ship Covenant, she’s also rocking a short hair cut similar to the advanced robot Call from Alien: Resurrection.

Screen shot 2016-05-26 at 1.21.48 PM

Here’s a picture of Annalee Call for comparison, might Daniels be yet another robot?

As an Auton, she would have been designed and manufactured by other machines, although her initial purpose remains unknown. She was one of the few Synthetics to survive the mass recall of all Synthetics following the bloody attempted Auton revolution in the 24th century, and she subsequently went into hiding, posing as a human to avoid detection.

The film takes place hundreds of years before this Auton revolution, but I’m curious if Ridley Scott still considers Alien: Resurrection apart of the the mythology. There are theories that synthetics are really running the show over at Weyland-Yuanti, and want to further evolve themselves with this alien organic technology, but is currently just a fan-theory.

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We’ve been previously told that multiple robots would be in the film, besides Fassbender’s David, could Daniels be one of them? There is a thing that the robots’ names are introduced in alphabetical order, which means the next one should be start with an “E”, but does that hold-water if there are a bunch of synthetics onboard the Covenant?

Screen shot 2016-05-26 at 1.34.45 PM

I think fans will also be curious if the psychotic Seegson’s Working Joes from Alien: Isolation will be making an appearance, since the video game was developed in partnership with 20th Century Fox making it slightly apart of the canon. Prometheus, took a lot of visual inspiration from video games, so seeing the films take cues from the good Alien games wouldn’t be hard to imagine.

Alien: Covenant will be heading onto screens next August.


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