The Flash #31 Review

Sep 26, 2017


The Flash #31
DC Comics

Written by: Joshua Williamson
Art by: Neil Googe and Gus Vazquez
Colors by: Ivan Plasencia
Letters by: Tom Napolitano

“Bloodwork Finale”

Citizens are desperately trying to flee the city as Bloodwork continues to spread destruction throughout the city with Flash only barely keeping him in check. Trying to find a way to stop the villain without using the negative speed force powers he’s received, Barry attempts to reason with Bloodwork. In a moment of self-reflection, Barry allows himself to be vulnerable and confesses to Bloodwork what he’s done to the people in his life and the pain that he’s caused them. As the creature moves in closer to listen to what Barry has to say, Flash takes that moment to strike.

As Flash makes his move to bring down the monster while trying to help the man, he takes time to think about the bridges he’s burned lately with the people he cares about. As he and his team gather the evidence needed to bring Bloodwork to justice, Singh gives both Barry and Kristen some bad news. News that will change everything in his life including his relationship to Wally and Iris.

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I find myself curious about where Barry goes from here and that’s a good thing. Stripping away the trappings of his existence opens the door to some interesting emotional twists. I would love to see how Barry navigates his new circumstances with the people he cares about and the changes to his personal and professional life. I think Williamson has given himself a new canvas to create some interesting stories in and I am uniquely curious to see what those stories are.

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