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Sep 27, 2022


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Flawed #1 Cvr

Eventually you may recognize that a strategy isn’t working. But did things fall apart somewhere in the middle – and if so is the “mission” salvageable – or was it doomed from the start? Image Comics new series Flawed takes a therapeutic approach to fixing a city’s defects. Putting holes in bad guys is an aggressive approach to holistic therapy.

Flawed #1

Image Comics

Written by: Chuck Brown
Art by: Frenzy
Lettering by: Becca Carey

The opening aerial image emphasizes the size and scope of the problem of Setham. There are many adages about building things and the importance of the beginning of those projects. Frenzy focuses on the towering skyscrapers – symbolzing for the scope of the problem this series is showcasing.

We first meet Dr. Gem Ezz during a session with her patient Angie. Angie has lost a child to a serial killer known only as the Skinwalker. At this moment Chuck Brown shows a faulty reaction to crimes – by the media and law enforcement. By celebrating instead of incarcerating the killer, the Angie’s of the world stay imprisoned. However, it turns out these two groups aren’t the only ones choosing to adjust their techniques for the troubled members of society.

Flawed #1 Int

Flawed proves you never know who you are dealing with – so be careful who you mess with. Readers will notice this when it becomes apparent there is more to Dr. Ezz than just talk. The vigilante angle of this character is not the most shocking aspect. Rather it is the fact that much like the media and government that Gem is willing to use the situation to her ends. She has means and motive – two ingredients for either a movement or a murder. What exactly is the doctor doing?

Another flaw in Dr. Ezz’s exploits which Brown sets up this issue is the idea that she has the definitive or even an actual answer to the problem. Unfortunately, the Skinwalker was part of a bigger organization. How will her actions affect their enterprise – and vice versa?

Frenzy shows no flaws while presenting a potential one in Dr. Ezz approach to treatment. Shock and aversion seem to be the method that Gem prefers with some patients – or is it because her’s has worn thin. A violent confrontation along the lines of the Equalizer, Washington or Latifah, erupts as Ezz faces the Skinwalker’s thugs. The doctor dissects the deviants in a deadly assault which indicates you can’t underestimate Ezz either – the doctor is lethal whether bare knuckle, a blade or bullets.

Flawed #1 is a look at a city and a would-be savior. But how far is Dr. Gem Ezz willing to go and is this the only way? Of course her initial threat may not be her only one for long. Just like the opening of this issue suggests – you can make the wrong decision if your vision isn’t right.

Score: 8.5


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