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Feb 27, 2023


Mad Cave Studios


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Don't Spit into the Wind #1

For whatever reason, humanity typically tends to err on the wrong side of caution.  This despite the warnings of others, even experts, not to mention each individual’s own embedded inclination to self preservation.  Mad Cave Studios new series Don’t Spit in the Wind highlights a dystopian world where no one listened to reason.  With the image of the world readers get from this introductory issue, even after everything it’s gone through the world isn’t any wiser.  But one group of garbage people left to clean up this mess is about to get the message.  

Don’t Spit in the Wind #1

Mad Cave Studios

Writer/Artist: Stefano Cardoselli
Colorist/Letterer: Dan Lee

Don’t Spit In the Wind #1 opens with an illustrative analogy; writer and artist Stefano Cardoselli has a bit of advice.  As a seagull leaves a little reminder on top of his suit, cleanup man Travis  apparently understands what Earth is saying.

You get what you give.  Mind your manners.  Take your medicine.  

Whatever we didn’t hear when we were supposed to be listening, Don’t Spit in the Wind shows the fallout.  Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on your point of view, it wasn’t due to the actions of one or even a few madmen.  Travis, the narrator of the series, tells readers it was because no one did anything.  Now, some 20 years later, it seems that humanity still believes taking care of the planet is someone else’s job.  

Which is exactly what it seems like Travis, and his coworkers, are doing.  But the goal of the Clear Worlds is to make life habitable on Earth again, even though Travis’ wants a future, with his lady Cassandra, on the space station that now hosts civilization.  Kinda contradictory.  As Travis shares his daily routine and thoughts, , Cardoselli uses this early narration to point out an interesting tendency that may contribute to man’s mistakes; going against our better judgment.    

Don't Spit into the Wind #1 Img

Don’t Spit in the Wind benefits from an art style that looks dysfunctional and tattered.  The machines and suits the cleaners operate look cobbled together with what was available.  Not a shock since Travis talks about how he works for the Atomic Brothers, whose owners are the Cacace Brothers.  Even at the end of the world everyone wants to turn a profit for a penny, no matter the cost.  The Clear Worlds Garbage Collector is similar to the Jawa’s Sandcrawler which is fitting since Earth now looks like Tatooine.  However, as Travis wanders past an abandoned outpost a sign stating ‘No Hope’ may mean the trash man will die on this rock.  

In addition to the radioactive signs, Dan Lee uses colors traditionally associated with warnings throughout Don’t Spit in the Wind.  Travis and the rest of the crew stand out in their yellow and orange suits even against the scorched Earth in the background.  The suits imply the need to proceed with caution, or that it may be wise to exercise it going forward.  

According to Travis, after poisoning our planet other creatures seem safe in the current climate.  Don’t Spit in the Wind is about not doing more harm than good and heeding a warning.  Earth doesn’t want humans anymore.  Here’s what happens when you don’t listen to the lyrics.

Score: 8.4


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