Former ‘Daredevil’ Candidate Jason Statham Wanted For Bullseye Role?

Jun 5, 2015


A new rumor from Latino Review is suggesting that Marvel Television is currently talking with Jason Statham for the possible role of major Daredevil villain Bullseye for season two. You might remember that Statham had some interest in playing Matt Murdock when Fox was trying to develop a reboot with David Slade and Joe Carnahan. The rights would eventually revert back to Marvel and the television division went another route with the character, focusing on his origins as the masked hero.

We can’t blame Marvel for going back to test the waters with Jason, because he does make a good villain having played one in Furious 7, which has edged-out The Avengers as the third highest grossing film worldwide. I’m starting to think the studio might be aiming a bit higher than they would have previously, mainly due to the massive critical praise and overwhelming positive reaction from the show, it could be attracting bigger talent than we were first expecting.

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There have been multiple sources that place Elektra as a new character in season two, with some less concrete talk that Marvel is strongly considering using the Punisher as well. The two do end-up working together on the modern Thunderbolts team, so either pairing them up or pitting them against each other’s throat makes sense. I believe they do have a romantic relationship in the current run, but since this is taking more cues from the Frank Miller comics I’m not sure that’s going to happen.


Tom Hardy, who might be just as well known as Jason Statham suggested an interest recently in the role of The Punisher, and Marvel is likely getting excited by the prospect. Mainly, because Hardy has been testing waters for superhero roles for a while now being linked to projects like Doctor Strange, X-Men Apocalypse, and Sinister Six. We’ve already put our support behind Hardy, so it’s really up to the actor and Marvel TV to make things work. A television project isn’t beneath Tom as he’s done some recent work in the UK and being a workaholic, Tom likely wouldn’t be scared-off a guest appearance turning into his own spinoff series.

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Devin over at Birth Movies Death, pointed out a really good plot device to wrangle Frank Castle into season two, by my making him a villain rather than a heroic ally. Considering his origins do involve him trying to kill Spider-Man after he was blamed for the death of Norman Osborn. It’s possible that The Punisher could target either Daredevil after being framed by Bullseye or going after an assassin like Elektra. This could make the murderous anti-hero a way better fit for this world. Since we know that Matt won’t kill it’s hard to imagine he’d be willing to pair-up or even stand to be around Castle, he’s one of the more despised characters among other heroes.

Daredevil season two will air sometime in 2016.


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