Fox Rebooting Alan Moore’s ‘The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen’ With New Film

May 27, 2015


Variety reports that 20th Century Fox and producer John Davis are looking to reboot Stephen Norrington’s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, which is based on the graphic novel by Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill. Davis is also currently producing a new Predator movie with Shane Black attached as writer and director.

It’s character roster included Allan Quatermain, Captain Nemo, The Invisible Man, Mina, Dorian Gray, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, who teamed-up to fight a a huge threat.

The original wasn’t didn’t make the impact the studio had hoped, and ended-up Sean Connery’s last live-action role before retiring. However, the source material is rich and in the new superhero climate feels like the right time to give it another shot. Although, we’ve been getting reboot overload lately, in the case of Extraordinary Gentlemen it deserves a second chance since it didn’t turn out great.

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In 2013, screenwriter Michael Green had been developing a TV series for Fox which didn’t get a series pick-up. I’m curious since Green has recently worked on Blade Runner 2 and Fox’s Prometheus 2 they’ll ask him to develop the script. There’s an interesting plot in the original comics that involves Martians that could be worth exploring, to make it quite different from from the original film, taking cues from War of The Worlds and John Carter of Mars.

Have you seen this:
Fantastic Beasts 4 and 5 are still in development at warner bros.

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Basically, to me it looks like Fox might trying to beat Universal to the punch with their Universal Monsters universe. Considering their team-up flick is sort of inspired by Extraordinary Gentlemen, a group of fictional Victorian genre characters all mixed together. They’ll both have an invisible man and a vampire on their teams, so I’m curious if Universal might abandon their plans since Fox will be able to put them all together in the first film, no need to release a fleet of solo films first. Let’s be honest, Moore got it right and Universal has a steep hill to run up with their reboots and shared universe, it doesn’t help that Dracula Untold was well received by audiences and critics. I’ll also take Mina over Luke Evans’ Dracula any day of the week.


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