Furious # 4 (Dark Horse)

May 1, 2014

Mad Cave Studios


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24461Furious #4

Written by: Bryan J. L. Glass

Art by: Victor Santos

Furious #4 represents a unique comic book where the heroine at its center is complicated, conflicted and powerful but has to constantly deal with the consequences of her actions. This is evident in the current arc of “Fallen Star Part IV” where Furious is seeking justice at all costs and that could become her downfall. She’s out of control and just when things seem to be turning in her favor Furious has to confront an adversary that is familiar but even more powerful.

Bryan J.L. Glass and Victor Santos work in tandem to give the issue an energy that flows naturally. From Glass’s unforced dialogue and exposition that isn’t heavy handed to Santos cartoonish but bright artwork Furious has a look and style all its own. Furious has a depth and conscious rarely found in superhero comics and even rarer in female heroes. What do you do when the spotlight is on your every move? Can you make the right decision? Can you live with the consequences? Furious proves you can have a superheroine that can kick butt, be intelligent and have a heart.