Future State Wonder Woman #2 (REVIEW)

Feb 2, 2021


Future State Wonder Woman #2
DC Comics

Words and Art by Jöelle Jones
Color by Jordie Bellaire
Letters by Clayton Cowles

As DC continues to release Future State titles, a few of them have been far exceeding expectations. Wonder Woman is one of those titles and it’s a shame there isn’t more for this story arc.

Issue 2 continues Yara’s  journey in the underworld, and her eventual encounter with Hades. For Yara to rescue the soul of a soldier, she will need to pass a final task that challenges her natural reactions and to let go. This is a very cliche trope but the execution of it and why she is willing to risk her life is what pulls you into the story. 

Jöelle Jones was able to insulate Yara and her story away from all of the other Future State books. This isolation from the other titles has allowed it to flourish and have its own identity that hopefully morphs into an ongoing series. As it was able to create its own environment and locations, the story could introduce any mythical element and used great restraint not to overwhelm readers with new or unfamiliar cultures. 

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Having dual tasks of writing and drawing, Jones was able to take advantage of the bleak landscape of the underworld. This advantage allowed the focus to be on the characters and their emotion and struggle. The emotion that Yara expresses throughout the issue can be felt on each page, up till the end. 

Not often mentioned, the colorist Jodie Bellaire was the perfect compliment to Jones’ style. Bellaire’s color choice and range used helped bring life to the story even in the underworld. The combination of their art and colors, really shows the creative chemistry they have with the story in all aspects. 

The only points against the series are more superficial as the story is one that’s been told often involving Hades and the Underworld. Hero must rescue a lost soul and they are willing to sacrifice everything to save them. This is not so original as it’s also similar to the ending of Disney’s Hercules. 

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Wonder Woman has been the standout series from the Future State titles. Not having to rely on a shared setting or environment was what made it unique. Everything from the setting, characters, creative team and mythology blends together with a unique harmony. Here is hoping this is picked up and continues as an ongoing series. 

Overall 9.5 out of 10

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