Gabriel Luna and Marvel’s Jeph Loeb Talk ‘Ghost Rider’ Solo Series

Oct 11, 2016


IGN caught-up with Gabriel Luna, who plays Ghost Rider on the ABC series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and responded to their question about getting his own solo series.

“You know there’s been rumblings about that. Depends on how much you love it, you know, if you love it we’ll make make it.”

I think it would be amazing to have a latino superhero series airing on Netflix, ABC or another platform. I’ve warmed up to Robbie (pun intended) and feel like his character is sort of being wasted on Agents, someone needs to just pull the switch and give him a solo series already.

I’ve already pointed-out plenty of times that the second wave of Marvel TV shows should be exploring the horror/supernatural side of the Marvel universe.

Ghost Rider along with shows like Blade, Moon Knight and Werewolf By Night could be were Marvel attempts to go post-Defenders with their release lineup.

Midnight Sons anyone?


Remember, in the comics Ghost Rider did team-up with the likes of fellow vigilante Punisher and Blade. A bulk of the Maggia Crime Family is on the West Coast as established in Agent Carter, so there is reason for Frank Castle to become a bi-coastal character.

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fw4d3midvbmztcpmr9094glxowwf3vk1x5p_mmc3jwkI’m not entirely sure the character is a good fit on ABC to be honest. Ghost Rider can really be let loose on Netflix (ABC still makes those shows), as he kills just as frequently as The Punisher does. Perhaps, his introduction would only work with Agents since the New York based series on Netflix would make it slightly difficult to jump to L.A. for his introduction.

Here’s what Marvel TV’s Jeph Loeb had to say about a solo series, when asked by Screen Rant. Just remember, Jeph was super coy about confirming plans for the solo Punisher series as well.

“Obviously, whenever we set out with any of our characters we hope they pop, we hope they connect with the audience. In this particular case, it was a combination of three things — really good writing on the part of our staff, a young actor who is both committed to the role and also is not just a visual effect — he is, in the role of Robbie Reyes, connecting with the audience in a very special way — and the third thing is the fact that this is one of those iconic characters that we really hope can grow. Whether or not he spins out or takes off or sticks around – that would fall firmly under the category of you have to wait and see.”

They were able to sneak-in a Punisher series into the 2017 lineup and are planning on ramping-up series releases on Netflix, it’s possible Ghost Rider could be next as we’ve heard previous rumblings it could happen. Netflix is also looking to increase original content on their service, so of course they’d be willing to add more Marvel shows.

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Would you be down with a solo Ghost Rider series?


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