‘Gambit’ Character Breakdown’s Include Both Assassin & Thieves Guilds

Oct 23, 2017

Pre-production is moving full steam ahead for Fox’s upcoming X-Men spin-off movie Gambit starring Channing Tatum. The studio finally has a director in Gore Verbinski (Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy) and has claimed Valentines Day 2019 as it’s release date. This comes from the movie was initially removed from the upcoming film slate and seems like it would never get made.

Now with casting well underway That Hashtag Show has released a slew of character breakdowns for all the upcoming roles. Now, most casting calls use code names instead of the character’s real names for the audition process. But they offer their educated guesses on the characters going to be featured in the film. Which include many members of both warring guilds the Assassin and Thieves guilds.

The breakdown’s also confirmed Mr Sinister and Candra (which we reported on last week) will be featured in the movie. They also mention that the role of Bella Donna is still being cast which means Léa Seydoux may not be attached anymore:

[MARIYA] Female, Causcasian, mid 20s – early 30s. Must be 5’11’+. Tall, stunning and willowy, a Parisian glamour girl. Must speak fluent French or do a perfect French accent. ROLE REQUIRES SEQUEL OPTIONS.

This is obviously for the role of Bella Donna Boudreaux which is Gambit’s original love interest before Rogue. She is from the rival Assassin’s guild. Her engagement with Gambit was supposed to lead to peace between the two clans.

[LEWIS] Male, any ethnicity, 40s-50s. Elegant and intelligent. An appealing entrepreneur with an unexpected dark side. ROLE REQUIRES SEQUEL OPTION.

They suspect this for the role of Mister Sinister. The Essex Corporation was used at the end of X-Men: Apocolypse already establishing this longtime X-Men villain exists in the film universe. He first recruits Gambit to The Marauders to exterminate another group of mutants.

[MRS. STANTON] Female, Caucasian, 50s. An elegant older woman with a French accent. Must speak fluent French.

This role could possibly be for the role of Bella Donna’s mother Sylvia Boudreaux. She is the monarch of the Assasins Guild.

[NASH] Male, any ethnicity, mid 20s-early 30s. A potent threat. Heir to his mother’s business. Malevolent.

This could be for Bella Donna’s arrogant spiteful brother Julien Boudreaux. He confronts Gambit during his sister’s wedding which in turn has Gambit’s mutant powers manifest before the entire crowd.

[MAGNUS/WOLFGANG] Male, authentic French. 40s. A French criminal. Must speak fluent French

This is for the role of Marius Boudreaux. The one-time leader of the Assasins Guild and father to Bella Donna. He was the one who initially set up the arranged marriage between Gambit and Bella Donna.

[FRITZ] Male, any ethnicity, 40s-50s. A professional thief. Charismatic con-artist. Warm hearted but untrustworthy. ROLE REQUIRES SEQUEL OPTION.

This is for Gambit’s adoptive father Jean Luc LeBeau. He is a member of the Thieves Guild and teaches Gambit how to use his signature bo staff.

[WESLEY] Male, any ethnicity, mid 20s-mid 30s. Aspirational but weak minded. Soulful and sensitive. ROLE REQUIRES SEQUEL OPTION.

This is for the role of Emil Lapin. Gambit’s cousin and lifelong friend.

[PIA] Female, Native American, early 20s. Street, tough, punk. ROLE REQUIRES SEQUEL OPTIONS.

They aren’t sure but this could be for the role of Dani Moonstar (Played by Blu Hunt in New Mutants) but could be the first crossover from another X-character un the cinematic universe.

[JOE] Male, any ethnicity, 30-50 years old. We are looking for actors 5’6” and under. He’s a gun for hire. He is the black sheep of his family. Not from good breeding but from a working class family. Short. Puck-like, with an interesting character face.REQUIRES SEQUEL OPTIONS.

They suspect this could be for the role of Puck from the Canadian mutant team of Alpha Flight.

[CARISSA]Female, mixed race, 10-12 years old. Ethereal and other worldly. Very expressive. ROLE REQUIRES SEQUEL OPTION.

This is supposed to be for the role of Candra. An Eternal who has direct links to both the Assassins and Thieves guilds. We at Omega Underground reported on her last week HERE.

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Now here are the final roles in  the film that may include other members of the two clans:

[BORIS] Male, mid-20s-30s, Hispanic. Tough, menacing, with a dangerous, craggy character face. ROLE REQUIRES SEQUEL OPTIONS.  

[WILHELM] Male, any ethnicity, 30s. Dangerous street criminal. Protective and loyal to his family. Intensely loyal and violent.

[GARY] Male, any ethnicity, mid 20s-early 30s. A little simple; dim-witted and passive.

[NONA] Female, any ethnicity, mid 20s-30 years old. Uptight, corporate, vicious, sexual. ROLE REQUIRES SEQUEL OPTION.

[FRANKLIN] Male, any ethnicity, 20s. An appealing street kid. ROLE REQUIRES SEQUEL OPTION.

[BEN] Male, any ethnicity, 20s. Just reaching adulthood. A street kid, a disaffected outsider, an orphan. ROLE REQUIRES SEQUEL OPTION.

[HOWARD] Male, Causcasian. 50s. A refined European mobster who speaks fluent French.

[VERA] Female, any ethnicity, mid 20s-early 30s. Beautiful, smart, tough, fiery and unpredictable. ROLE REQUIRES SEQUEL OPTION.

Gambit will hit February 14th, 2019

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