Its Game Time in “Rat Queens #9” Review

Mar 4, 2015


Rat Queens 9 coverRat Queens #9

Writer: Kurtis J. Wiebe
Art/Colors: Stjepan Sejic

We last were with the Rat Queens way back in October when the city of Palisade was under attack by not just one Abyssal Shibagu, but three colossal tentacle demons. These massive monsters have the ability to feed off the energies of reality and create delusions as a distraction. It has been a few months since we got to enjoy the foul mouthed spitfire team of the Rat Queens, and they continue that theme right away, with some graphic scenes that just feel right.

I have always loved the art and story that the creative team behind Rat Queens has been pumping out since the start. The script feels like a great transcript taken from any weekend tabletop game where the topics get out of hand quickly. The pacing in this fantasy realm is spectacular as we get some go back story to flesh out some one RatQueens9-04of our characters. Kurtis J. Wiebe handles this pacing in such a way that it makes you think he really cares about these characters and really thought about where the story is going. The coloring and art style gives a real sense of the end of days through the destructions, blood soaked streets and the daunting odds that the Rat Queens, the Daves and several other warrior are facing.

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The story is fast on its feet as we quickly shift from the past where we see young Hannah learning a really tough life lesson and to the present where some of her more ‘romantically’ involved thoughts are used against her to distract her from the world ending tentacle behemoths. The story and plot have been explained, the twists have shifted the course of actions and all that’s left to this encounter is the boss fight. All that stands between them and saving the world are an army and one vengeance seeking villain.

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