Gaming With Devs | Clone Drone in the Danger Zone

Jan 29, 2017


Most games offer a single-player or a multiplayer experience. The latter typically means you’re playing directly with or against other human beings. They can take on various in-game personas such as robots, aliens and humans. In Erik Rydeman’s Clone Drone in the Danger Zone (“Clone Drone”), you and your multiplayer cohorts take on a completely different type of experience. If you’re the owner of the game and you choose to play in “Twitch Mode”, Clone Drone provides viewers the opportunity to not just watch you play in a battle arena against killer bots, but also to bet on the outcome and even influence it to their advantage. During my play session with Erik, I was constantly doubted. Just when I thought I was overcoming the odds, Erik and the folks watching on Twitch spent their coin (an in-game currency) summoning more death bots for me to battle. But, my constant deaths were given a soft landing as some folks chose to spend their coin on additional “clones”, allowing me to revive and continue the battle.

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While battling the death bots and trying to appeal to the audience for support, I loved the upgrade system. Between stages you have the opportunity to buy additional clones and weapons. The bow is my favorite! I was able to take down a giant mechanical spider bot with just 2 shots to it’s face. Perfect! My experience with Clone Drone was unique and satisfying. While it has not yet been released in a version 1.0 status, it is available for purchase. It’s also coming to Steam Greenlight soon.

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