Gaming with Devs – Induction

Gaming with Devs – Induction

Bryan Gale is a former PlayFish developer who decided to focus his curiosity about time travel into a puzzle game. On this week’s episode of Gaming with Devs, I asked Bryan about his specific inspirations for Induction, which is available for purchase on Steam and Humble.  We talk about Terminator and Back to the Future as inspirations, not because those films necessarily did time travel well. Rather, Bryan questions possibility of causality and explored complex layers of time travel in his first solo-developed game.

What I like about Induction is the simplicity of it’s design combined with complex puzzle-solving. After a few levels that are meant as a tutorial to the game’s mechanics, Bryan wastes no time in throwing you into highly complex scenarios that sometimes feel like they had a simple solution. Going back in time, fast forward and rewinding are critical mechanics to help you solve the puzzles. At only $9.99, with 50 levels and a great soundtrack, Induction is a steal. Go get it and enjoy the show!


Joe Barhoum

Joe was born and raised in Portland, OR. As an illegitimate son of Zeus, Joe sometimes struggles with his humanity vs. his divinity. As a self proclaimed “health-nut” Joe drinks half his weight in protein shakes a day, and it is not uncommon for him to run for days, sometimes covering hundreds of miles.

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