Gates rebounds and hits early stride in “Adventures of Supergirl” chapter 2 (review)

Feb 8, 2016

Adventures of Supergirl chapter one
DC Comics

Written by: Sterling Gates
Art by: Bengal, Jonboy Meyers, Emanuela Lupacchino and Emma Vieceli.

When I read and reviewed Adventures of Supergirl chapter one, I was, honestly, a bit disappointed because I’m quite the fan of the CBS TV show. One of the biggest reasons, spectacle aside, are the individual characters and their relationships that have been built since the show’s debut back in October.

First and foremost, for obvious reasons, is Kara Danvers (AKA Supergirl). Melissa Benoist shows off her acting range when she oozes light-hearted charm as Kara and a steely-eyed composure as Supergirl. Second, her sister, Alex, is a wise, bad-ass who kicks ass, and Chyler Leigh performs that to a tee. Whenever they’re on-screen together, Benoist shows the vulnerability of having to play two completely opposite personality traits while Leigh does exactly what the character is meant to be: a tough ass rock for Kara to lean as her older sister. And third, it amounted to pretty much a quick one-page, a few panel cameo by Winn but in that space it captures the character’s humor shtick.

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Okay, so why am I spending so much time writing about each of these characters? Answer: Sterling Gates does an excellent job of honing in on who these characters are and the moments of interplay they each have with one another. I’m impressed with how quickly he’s able to shift the comic toward his own voice and style.

Now us Supergirl fans have something outside of the show to fill our want to spend more time with not only the titular heroine but all of the secondary characters. As the artwork took centerstage the first go-around, Gates’ writing did this time, as mentioned. Yet I still feel the need to give the art its due. Adventures of Supergirl is turning into a good read and is really awesome to look at.

Oh, and before I forget. The cliffhangers are killer. No more six or 10 page reads just give us more of this goodness.

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