GCW-Zero Kickstarted!

Jan 24, 2013

At the time we recorded Episode 67 of the GWW Podcast, CEO Justin Barwick’s new device was under-achieving. Now, 7 days later, it’s more than $25K over it goal of $130K, and headed towards achieving multiple stretch goals. The hot portable device is the GCW-Zero, and it’s quite promising. Folks, the promise is simple: play classic PC games, emulate your favorite consoles, and do it comfortably. The latter infers that you can carry these games with you when you travel, or you can plug in the Zero directly to your HDMI-ready TV. In fact, the $175K stretch goal includes a Mini-HDMI cable. And what solidifies this promise as a reality is the outstanding, growing support the Zero has seen, as well as the very involved nature of their CEO. And he’s not slowing down. Justin will return to our show after the Kickstarter ends and update us on the next steps for the Zero.

If you’re into retro-gaming, this is your new best friend. 

It’s never too late to back the Zero!