Geek To Me Radio #158: Singer/Producer Elli Moore an Director Peter Bishai

First we talk to the singing voice of Barbie, singer/producer Elli Moore ( Find out about issues facing female music producers, her upcoming solo music, and what it’s like being the singing voice behind the iconic Barbie franchise. Check out the music video for her single “OK” at

Then we talk to director Peter Bishai ( about his film Rapid Eye Movement (, which centers around a talk radio host trying to stay awake for 11 days straight while broadcasting from the middle of Times Square AND while being threatened by a deranged caller. Find out what it took to actually film in Times Square!

And as always, thanks to our amazing sponsors Marcus Theatres ( and Historic St. Charles, Missouri (!

0:00 Elli Moore pt. 1
13:15 Elli Moore pt. 2
25:29 Elli Moore pt. 3
28:46 Peter Bishai pt. 1
33:28 Peter Bishai pt. 2
45:55 Peter Bishai pt. 3

Geek To Me Radio #161: Todd Black, Michael Nardelli and GWW's Casey Walsh

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