Geek To Me Radio #179: “The Mandalorian” with Actress Emily Swallow-Kate A. McGrath on Acting/Writing/Producing

Kate A. McGrath ( on acting, writing, and producing the roles she wants to see.

Actress Emily Swallow ( on playing the Armorer in “The Mandalorian”.

Thanks to our sponsors Marcus Theatres and Historic St. Charles, Missouri!

0:00 SEGMENT 1: Kate McGrath on the writing process.
10:55 SEGMENT 2: Has COVID given Kate more time to focus on her upcoming projects?
22:57 SEGMENT 3: Emily Swallow on playing the Armorer on “The Mandalorian” and whether she knew the show would blow up like it did.
30:05 SEGMENT 4: Emily Swallow on fighting while wearing all that armor.
42:44 SEGMENT 5: Emily on the grind of working on soap operas like “Guiding Light”.

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